Danny Lindahl

PDGA #: 69372
Home Course: Burns Park Blue Course
Home Town: Little Rock, Arkansas
Bag: Dynamic Discs Ranger
Favorite Course: Jones East
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth

Beginner Tip

Get a good smooth reach back. Turn your shoulders all the way away from the target and reach away from your body. Pull the disc tight to your chest when you throw. Think of a figure skater - the tighter you bring the disc, the faster you'll spin. And lastly, slow is smooth; smooth is far.

Most Memorable Moment

Winning my first MPO tournament. The Full Blown Open ended with an epic basket in a cave! Knocking down that putt knowing I had come back from down seven strokes in the last round to win by two was amazing.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

Team Dynamic Discs is so much more than people who are good at disc golf. Dynamic Discs cares about growing the community and making the sport more enjoyable for everyone.

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs Lucid Defender

I use this disc for almost every high power shot. I can trust it in the wind and the late fade makes it super accurate and far flying.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Trespass

I use the Trespass for tailwinds and drives where I need a little more control. It's also a maximum distance sidearm disc.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Renegade

This is my go-to roller disc and big anhyzers in a tailwind.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Criminal

When you absolutely need to be left immediately.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon

I think the Felon is a great all around fairway. Overstable at the beginning but I've had some so long they fly very straight with still a reliable fade.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape

A very controllable and workable disc. It goes really far without much effort and is awesome for standstills.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict

This is a great overstable mid that resists turn and has a reliable fade.

Dynamic Discs Lucid EMAC Truth

This is my all time favorite disc. I have 4 in my bag and they do whatever I need them to do. Everything from a long hyzer to a roller this disc has it covered. Tons of glide as well.

Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Justice

This is a great disc for sidearm approaches and shots where you need to stick.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice

This is for when you absolutely need to be left and skipping another 50'. It doesn't come out often, but when it does, good things happen.


Dynamic Discs Moonshine Warden (Lucid pictured)

This is my go-to driving and approach putter. I can throw whatever line I need and trust that the Warden will hold it.

Dynamic Discs Classic Judge

This has been my putter for a couple of years now. The bead gives it good stability and it has great glide to fly straight to the basket.