Disc Golf Manufacturers

Dynamic Discs is your go-to source for the best disc golf discs on the market today! We carry a wide selection of brands to meet the needs of players of all skill levels. Choose from Latitude 64°, Westside Discs, Discraft, Innova, Gateway Disc Sports, Discmania, Legacy Discs, Millennium, MVP, and Prodigy Disc.

Find details below on the history of each disc golf manufacturer as well as information on the different plastics they offer.

Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Company Logo
Dynamic Discs started in March of 2005 as an internet and eBay based online disc golf store specializing in custom discs and apparel. In December of 2012, Dynamic Discs transitioned from disc golf retailer to disc golf retailer and disc golf manufacturer by partnering with Latitude 64° to have golf discs designed and produced to serve the growing demands of the disc golf industry.
Moonshine has all of the benefits of Lucid with an added feature - it glows in the dark! Give your disc some light and keep golfing all night long. Expect Moonshine molds to be slightly more overstable than the Lucid version.
Fuzion combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to provide players with additional grip. It is a non-transparent blend of plastic that is slightly more overstable than the Lucid version.
The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf.
Lucid Air
Lucid Air uses the same material as our durable Lucid plastic. It has solid plastic at the top and bottom of the rim to protect the microbubbles in the plastic on impact. These microbubbles actually make the disc lighter. They are spread out through the top of the disc and middle of the rim to keep the weight distribution nearly identical to Lucid and Fuzion discs.
BioFuzion plastic is the by-product from a mixture of Lucid and Fuzion plastics that had blemishes or cosmetic flaws. Some of these discs may have specks of plastic, flakes, or other minor cosmetic flaws that will not affect the flight, performance, or durability of the disc.
Classic Soft
When feel and grip are the most important elements, reach for Classic Soft. This blend of plastic gives the disc that perfect feel and fit in your hand.
Classic Blend
Classic Blend is the perfect combination of grip and flexibility in the Classic plastic series. If Classic Soft is too soft and Classic is too hard, reach for the blend!
Classic plastic is the perfect blend of tackiness and firmness for players looking for a stiff golf disc.

Latitude 64° Disc Golf Company Logo
Latitude 64° is a disc golf company based out of Skellefteå, Sweden. They have a vision of standing in the midst of the sport we all love, and to make products that will please all. Their goal is to make discs that are reliable, durable, and easy to control.
Gold Line
Gold Line is Latitude 64°'s premium blend plastic. The start of the mix has been the same brand plastics used in Opto Line but they added a different polymer to give it better grip without losing the excellent durability of Opto Line.
Opto Line
Opto Line is made out of some of the world's most durable plastics. It comes in a variety of beautiful translucent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.
Opto Air
Opto Air uses the same material as our durable Opto Line plastic. It is modified and the runs are done in a different way to achieve a stunning result of lighter weight discs that still has a layer of solid plastic at the tip and bottom of the rim to protect the alternated material that is mostly centered in the middle of the rim but also spread out slightly over the top of the discs to keep the weight distribution as close as possible to the Opto and Gold Line discs.
Grip Line
Grip Line Has been developed to produce discs with the best grip on the market. It has a "shiny" look that makes the bright colors stand out.
Zero Line
Zero Line has so far only been used in Latitude 64° putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel.
Eze Line
Eze Line was used during 2012 and the plan was that it would replace Zero Line. Latitude 64 has not been satisfied with the outcome of some of the discs so production in Eze Line material will be put on hold. During 2013, the premium putter plastic used in Zero Line will be back on the shelves.

Westside Discs Disc Golf Company Logo
Westside Discs, located in Finland, started business in 2003 by importing U.S. disc golf discs. In 2009, they began focusing on their own product. Their production now takes place in co-operation with Latitude 64°.
An advanced version of VIP-plastic that contains technical polymers. You cannot see through Tournament plastic. The durability of Tournament plastic is at the same level than VIP Plastic, but the Tournament's grip is slightly better. Our Tournament plastic is closely similar to Latitude Gold Line plastic.
Super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance. VIP plastic is transparent so you can see through it. Discs made in VIP-plastic maintain their flight characteristics and reliability for a long time. This plastic is suitable to both recreational players and pro players. Latitude Opto-plastic is more than 98% similar to Westside VIP-plastic.
The soft plastic that we use only in our putters is firm in your hand, yet tacky, making it great for grabbing the chains. The Eco1 plastic is much less durable than VIP- and Tournament -plastics, but the price is cheaper. Eco1 plastic is suitable to players at all skill levels.

Discraft Disc Golf Company Logo
Discraft was founded by Jim Kenner in Wixom, Michigan. They manufacture numerous flying discs for sports including Ultimate, Disc Golf, and Freestyle frisbee.
Discraft has combined pro durability and performance with a unique visual appeal that sets the bar at a new level for disc golf athletes who demand nothing less than the best.
It doesn't get any more flexible than Discraft's FLX line of plastic, which is a special ESP blend. Originally designed as a cold weather alternative to firmer plastics, the game's best golfers love it year around.
ESP Plastic was released in 2006. It is an advanced polymer plastic that is grippier than Elite Z plastic and has a higher durability than Elite X Plastic.
Elite Z
Elite Z is the world's most durable plastic. It features vibrant translucent colors. It has truer flights and lasts 2-3 times longer.
Elite X
Elite X has a high level of durability. It has excellent grip, even in wet conditions. It also has more consistent flights.
Pro D
Pro D is Discraft's super grip plastic. It is available in a rainbow of colors and is great for beginners and pros. It is also Discraft's most economical plastic.

Innova Disc Golf Company Logo
Innova was formed in 1983 to meet the developing equipment needs of disc golfers. In that year, Dave Dunipace created the World's first disc designed specifically for the sport of Disc Golf.
Provides predictable performance, long-lasting durability even on wooded or rugged courses, good all-weather grip, ideal for those who like the durability of Champion plastic with the superior grip of Pro plastic, retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro plastics
Echo Star
Each Echo Star disc contains 50% to 100% pre-consumer recycled plastic, even better grip than the already grippy Star plastic, limited resources means limited editions, vertical graphics reduce stamping waste by 60%.
High quality plastic which provides superior durability and reliable performance, suitable for the increased throwing speeds of professional players, retains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro plastics
Blizzard Champion
Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microbubbles into our durable Champion plastic. This results in high speed, premium plastic drivers in weights all the way down to 130 grams! Blizzard discs discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier. Models under 140 grams are light enough to float in water!
Produced from a unique blend of plastics, provides an improved grip over Champion line plastic, more durable and retains flight characteristics longer than DX line plastic, more economic than Champion or Star line plastic, increased glide over Champion, Star, or DX plastic.
Innova's R-Pro Line is softer than most Pro blends. R-Pro discs have the best all-condition grip and an improved feel. R-Pro has great flexability which makes it the best choice for putt & approach in cold/wet weather.
Provides superior grip that performs well in most weather situations, wears in progressively to provide new and varied flight characteristics, most economically priced of Innova's plastic lines, offered in the widest range of weights and disc molds.

Gateway Disc Sports Disc Golf Company Logo
Gateway Disc Sports is located in St. Louis, MO and is well known for their disc golf putters. Their most popular putter, the Wizard, was voted the best new disc of 2002.
Evolution™ series or "E"-series
Gateway's pro-line polymer. With these new polymers, Gateway Disc Sports has evolved into the industry front runner in polymer technology. The Evolution™ series polymer, a TPU from BASF, has a surface durometer score of 60 D-Shore. It is virtually scratch-, scuff-, dent-, crack-, and chip-proof. The durability is as good as any plastic on the market. The smooth surface and low profiles make each model a little faster while remaining very comfortable in your hand.
Shur-Grip (Sure Grip)
or "S"-series matted version of disc plastic is a high end version of the "DX" or "D" plastic of our competitors. This type of polymer offers a firm, solid feel with a grippy surface and great performance in the rain or extreme heat. The "S"-plastic allows the disc to break in slowly without changing its flight characteristics after just a few hits.
Medium, Soft, Super Soft, and Super Stupid Soft
Gateway produces putters in a wide range of flexibilities. They have a scale from 1 to 10. A 1 is the softest surface and floppiest they make (think SSS), though realistically most SSS they make they shoot for are 2. A Super Soft is a 4, a Soft is a 7, and a Medium is a 9. Mediums won't flex much unless you really apply pressure – 50% of the Mediums are probably closer to a 10, designed for players that just like firm discs.

Discmania Disc Golf Company Logo
Discmania is a European based company that was established in 2006. They manufacture some of the world's finest golf discs in association with Innova Champion Discs.
Excellent grip with great durability. This plastic ages well, which means your disc doesn't have a drastic change in its flight behavior after hitting a few trees.
This is Discmania's most durable plastic. The wear down very slowly and have good grip with a showstopper see-through look.
Great feel and added glide. Probably the grippiest plastic type out there. Reveals new features in your disc when worn down. Typically a bit more understable plastic type compared to the S and C-lines.

Legacy Discs Disc Golf Company Logo
Legacy Discs is the culmination of over 60 years of combined professional disc golf experience. They founded this company with the goal of obtaining player input on exactly what they want to throw and utilizing that input to create a player designed and researched line of plastic that answers the call of the players. Join Legacy Discs and Play With Confidence!
Icon Edition
Icon Edition plastic has the most grip of all despite rainy conditions. It features the latest technology that offers the fastest flight. Its durability is second to none.
Pinnacle Edition
Pinnacle Edition plastic is very durable and has a higher speed of flight compared to the Protege Edition. The flight patterns stay consistent through various weather conditions.
Gravity Edition
Gravity Edition plastic is a soft version of the Protege Edition plastic, with a tacky feel for grip. The added flexibility in the Gravity Edition will absorb the impact of the chains.
Protege Edition
Protege Edition plastic is another great buy at a low cost. It is available in a wide array of colors. It is also rigid and has great grip.
Excel Edition
Excel Edition plastic is a great buy at a low cost. It is great for beginners or experienced professionals with its rigid feel and great grip.

Millennium Disc Golf Company Logo
Millennium was formed in the mid 90's by Disc Golf Hall of Famers John Houck and Harold Duvall. They revolutionized disc golf in the mid-1990's by releasing the sport's first line of premium plastic discs. Starting with the Omega Supersoft, Millennium showed the disc golf world what happens when you combine industry-leading design with high tech materials.
Sirius plastic is the ultimate combination of superior grip and die-hard durability. The Sirius plastic is what you want if you desire the best of both worlds. This plastic will last, and it will feel good along the way.
The Quantum line offers our most durable plastic. It provides excellent durability for a long life of reliable performance. Quantum plastic offers a smooth and solid feel in your hand with a translucent appearance.
Millennium is the original premium plastic, which is often referred to as our "base" or "standard" plastic. It combines precision grip with a scuff-resistant surface. Millennium plastic offers the durability required to withstand wear and tear out on the course while being offered at an affordable price.

Maple Valley Plastics Disc Golf Company Logo
MVP was founded in 2010. They are an upcoming disc golf company that is delivering new, innovative golf discs with their new GYRO™ Technology. This new, innovative GYRO™ Technology is sure to revolutionize the sport in the years to come.
Proton plastic offers high durability for a long consistent life, is designed to withstand the roughest conditions, comes in transparent candy colors, and is also available in soft flexibility for putters.
Eclipse plastic offers the same great durability as Proton plastic, comes in vibrant candy colors to offer brightness in low-light conditions, has bright white overmold packed full of glow concentrate for a stellar night glow effect, and is also available in soft flexibility for putters.
Neutron plastic is a premium blend that offers a premium look and feel, has the widest selection of bright opaque colors, shares great durability characteristics of Proton plastic, and comes in easy-to-find colors in any given terrain.

Prodigy Disc - Disc Golf Company Logo
Prodigy Disc is a unique company founded by a team of World Champion disc golfers who felt the need to develop a more consistent "golf disc" that would compete on a distance field, as well as offer a longer flight that would operate in tighter confines of a disc golf course. It took 2 years to get it right but it was worth the wait.
300 Series
The 300 Series is a special blend of materials that is durable enough to take solid impact but has the ability to be broken in over time.
400 Series
The 400 series is a premium blend of material that is extremely durable. The unique blend of plastics feels as good as it looks and will be able to be broken in over time. This tour quality plastic gives the thrower better grip even when it is wet.
400 G Series
The 400 G series is the regular 400 plastic with a shot of adrenaline. It is the base 400 plastic mixed with another resin that give the plastic a slightly different feel than the base 400 series. The additive also makes the disc more durable and requires more time to break it in.