Greg Schwartz

PDGA #: 28464
Home Course: Brown Deer Park
Home Town: Milwakuee, Wisconsin
Bag: Dynamic Discs Ranger
Favorite Course: McNaughton Park
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid Fugitive

Beginner Tip

The best thing you can do is find a local pro that you admire and try and play as many practice rounds with them as you can. Ask them questions during the practice rounds about why they choose to throw the discs and routes that they do. Have them critique your throwing form and work on consistency. Practice, practice, practice.

Most Memorable Moment

I beat 2-Time Pro World Champion Paul McBeth in a 3 hole playoff to win the 2007 Amateur World Championships in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Paul came back during the Final 9 from 4th place to tie John Anderson and myself and force a sudden death playoff. It was awesome having the hometown crowd cheer me on throughout the event.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

Team Dynamic Discs is unique because our players do everything we can to be great individuals both on and off the course. We try to be great disc golfers, but more importantly we strive to represent disc golf in a positive way.

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs Lucid Trespass

The Trespass is extremely fast and the rim is easy to grip and feels great in the hand. I carry 1 Trespass in each of the 3 plastics (Fuzion, Lucid, and BioFuzion) and each has a slightly different stability. The Fuzion Trespass is perfect for moderate headwinds or long shots that finish left (RHBH). The Lucid Trespass flies long and straight with a slight finish to the left. The BioFuzion Trespass flexes for maximum distance. I use this disc for any shot 400'+.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Escape

The Escape is the smoothest flying long fairway driver I have ever thrown. When thrown with a little hyzer, it pops up flat and flexes just a touch before landing softly without skipping away from the basket. I carry 2-3 Escapes, all with different stabilities so that I can be ready for any shot between 350-400'. You will be surprised how far the Escape goes with minimal effort.

Latitude 64 Opto XXX

The Opto XXX is a very consistent overstable utility driver. It flies great into a headwind and always finishes left. The Opto plastic feels great in the hand and is extremely durable. I also use the XXX for thumbers because it has a predictable slow panning flight.

Latitude 64 Gold River

I carry 1 Sparkle Opto and 1 Gold Line River for any straight shots between 300-350'. The Sparkle Opto flies straight and finishes slightly to the left and the Gold Line flies straight to slightly understable. I can throw this disc near full power for slow turnovers or power down for straighter touch shots through the woods. The small rim feels great in the hand and is very easy to control.

Latitude 64 Gold Vision

I carry one Gold Line Vision for low power turnovers through the woods and for backhand rollers. This disc is the perfect stability for rollers right out of the box.

Westside Discs VIP Sword

I carry one VIP Sword for sidearms and for some long straight backhand shots where I want the disc to finish straight.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Fugitive

I carry 2-3 Fugitives with different stabilities for all 250-325' straight shots or slow turnovers. The Fugitive feels awesome in the hand and will hold any line you put it on. This is my go to disc when I need to hit my line in the woods.

Latitude 64 Opto Pain

I carry one Opto and one Gold Line Pain for overstable shots between 250-300'. The Gold Line is slightly less overstable than the Opto, but both fly straight and finish left in either calm or windy conditions. When I need a midrange to finish left, I grab a Pain.


Latitude 64 Zero Medium Mercy

I carry two Mercy's for putting on calm or windy days. The Zero line plastic is really grippy and comes out of my hand smooth. The Mercy flies straight and begins to fade left just as it hits the chains which allows me to be confident that if I miss a putt, the comeback putt won't be more than 15-20'.

Dynamic Discs Classic Judge

I carry two Judges for putting in tailwinds, throwing upshots, and throwing off the tee from 150-250'. The Judge has a slightly understable flight which allows the disc to land softly near the basket without skipping away. The rim is very comfortable and when thrown with medium power, the Judge has a consistent straight flight.

Latitude 64 Zero Medium Sinus

I carry one Sinus for overstable and windy approach shots. The Sinus has a predictable fade at the end of its flight and can be thrown at full power without having to worry about turning the disc over to the right.