Tracy Ruder

PDGA #: 26781
Home Course: Frontier Park
Home Town: Hays, Kansas
Bag: Dynamic Discs Ranger
Favorite Course: The Rock, Salina, Kansas
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid Trespass

Beginner Tip

Keep practicing and play YOUR game, not someone on your card's game. Make sure to take advantage of your strengths when you are competing and work on your weaknesses when you are practicing.

Always remember to have fun. After all, it is the whole reason we all started playing this great game.

Most Memorable Moment

Taking 4th at the 2007 Colorado State Championships. It was only my 2nd A-Tier and there was some incredible talent there and it was the first time I felt like I could compete in Open.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

Why is Dynamic Discs the best? The camaraderie is second to none. It's a group of people that truly love the sport and just want it to be the best it can be.

In The Bag


Westside Discs VIP Giant

I use a light weight 170g for something a little more overstable than a new Trespass.

Latitude 64 Opto XXX

A slow meathook that gets right down to business. When I don't want to skip I'll spike this right on the basket forehand or backhand.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Freedom

Go-to ultra mega long range driver.

Latitude 64 Opto Saint Pro

Super straight, like a long range Truth.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Enforcer

I use this for super hook shots, skip shots, and that nasty Kansas windy.

Westside Discs VIP Underworld

Used for my rollers. It is kind of short compared to other molds, but it's easy to get on the ground and very predictable.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Trespass

I have a few of these in the bag and it is my go to driver.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Truth

I bag a few of these with different stages of wear. Very fast, very long, and very straight for a midrange.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Verdict

The best beefy overstable midrange money can buy.

Westside Discs Tournament Tursas

For everything short anhyzer.


Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge

An amazing putter.

Latitude 64 Zero Soft Sinus

I carry one Sinus with me in case I need a putter that is ridiculously overstable.