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Dynamic Discs Prototype Lucid Captain V2

Dynamic Discs Prototype Lucid Captain V2

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Dynamic Discs Prototype Lucid Captain V2

Collector alert! These are not typically something that has been available to the public because most V1 or V2 prototypes get sent to the re-grinder or recycle bin, making these that much more special.

These are NOT PDGA approved.

Disc Color: Blue

Weight: 170g+

Original Quantities for Stamp Colors:
Black - 75
Blue - 50
Purple - 50
Green - 50
Yellow - 50
Red - 40
Rainbow - 25
TOTAL - 340

We will do our best to make sure that we do not send two of the same stamp color if multiple are ordered.

*Please note: Some of these Prototype Lucid Captain V2 discs have flakes in the plastic, making them that much more unique than a regular run.

The Captain Story
54 of the initial Captain discs were first produced in 2017. This "version 1" of the Captain was tested in a field and determined to be too overstable. Some adjustments were made to the mold resulting in the "version 2" Captain. These discs were produced and several were also tested in a field. Again, the disc was determined to be too overstable. Another set of adjustments was made to the mold, resulting in the final Captain (version 3). This last version of the Captain is what was officially released as the Captain in 2018.