A Supreme Announcement

A Supreme Announcement

Dynamic Discs has bolstered its Supreme lineup this year to include the Supreme Judge, Supreme Fugitive, Supreme Escape, and Supreme Trespass. And today, we’re proud to announce the latest addition: Supreme Pizza.

Doug Bjerkaas exuding confidence shortly before leaving the company and holding no responsibility for the success of his product

Outgoing president Doug Bjerkaas appeared to be the one primarily responsible for the development of the Supreme Pizza. When interviewed, he mentioned how Dynamic Discs has always focused on meeting the needs of disc golfers worldwide, from their discs to their accessories and even apparel, but this is their first foray into their stomachs. When asked how this decision was made, Doug Bjerkaas said, “We had pizza delivered to the office one day, and we were out of plates. So, I naturally used the closest allegory I could find, my [Supreme] Judge. I had gotten halfway through my slice when I saw the Supreme logo embossed on the bottom right where I had taken a bite out of my pizza. From there, I knew we had a hit. I pitched the idea, and we immediately started planning how we could make it happen.”

Fans of the NexEdge and NexFeel technology found on the other Supreme releases from Dynamic Discs will be happy to find them included on the Supreme Pizza. The NexEdge technology ensures a flaky and crispy crust, while the NexFeel technology is used to bake the inside to fluffy perfection.

Grip will vary based on freshness.

As of this writing, Dynamic Discs offers customers two Supreme Pizza options and several toppings when ordering:

"Dome" for those who prefer a thick crust for their beefier delivery

"Flat Top" for those who enjoy feeling lighter after devouring an entire pie with a thinner crust

There's even a "Hawaiian" option for those who appreciate the hybrid sweetness that pineapple adds to each savory slice

Premium toppings are still to be determined, but base options like onions, peppers, pepperoni, sausage, and black olives are currently available. (Doug seemed hesitant about adding black olives but agreed they are usually included in a traditional "supreme" pizza.)

Left: Supreme Pizza, Right: An abomination

Unfortunately, Dynamic Discs can only offer the delicious Supreme Pizza for namesake a very limited time. However, commemorative DyeMax discs will be available moving forward. Dynamic Discs' Supreme Pizza makes a delicious addition to the Supreme Series of discs while filling a unique niche in the disc golf market. Thank you for learning more about Supreme Pizza, and happy April Fools' Day from Dynamic Discs!

Gone, but not forgotten.