All About Glow Disc Golf

All About Glow Disc Golf
Disc golf isn’t limited by daylight. Playing disc golf at night, commonly referred to as glow golf, is a great way to enjoy disc golf when the sun goes down sooner, or for those whose schedule doesn’t allow them to play during daylight. But, it’s important to have the right equipment to make sure your glow golf rounds are safe and enjoyable. We’ve got some tips on what to carry, and how to best prepare for the next time you play disc golf “after hours”.

Using the Right Discs

While some players attach small LED lights to their discs, most players prefer to use discs made out of plastic that is designed to glow in the dark. While effective, the LED lights are usually taped on with clear tape that can change the profile of the disc causing it to fly differently, as well as make the disc illegal for PDGA tournament play until the light is removed. And, while not frequent, sometimes the lights can fall off on the course making your disc really difficult to find.

Dynamic Discs offers many of their molds in Moonshine plastic, which is designed to glow in the dark. Dynamic Discs Moonshine plastic is very similar to our incredibly popular Lucid plastic but with an additive allowing it to glow in the dark. Some players who don’t even play glow will choose a Moonshine disc because they are often slightly more overstable than the same disc in the Lucid plastic.

Dynamic Discs Moonshine Plastic

Moonshine discs work best when they have recently been under a bright light to “charge” the glow-in-the-dark additive. The most effective way to charge Moonshine discs is to use a powerful UV flashlight for a few seconds before stepping up to the teepad. But any flashlight can charge a Moonshine disc, even the flash from a smartphone camera. The first version of moonshine plastic didn’t glow as much, so we went back to the lab and produced the new generation of moonshine plastic which glows a lot more!

Other Equipment

While playing glow, it’s important to know that while the discs glow in the dark, many other things do not. It’s a good idea to wear bright or reflective clothing or even a glow stick so other players can see you and know not to throw in your direction. And while some of us need to remain wary in bright sunlight, it’s a good idea for everyone to keep an eye out to make sure not to run into any trees or other course obstacles. You can make double use of your disc-charging flashlight to keep an eye on the terrain.

Even though most disc golfers would claim to know their local course like the back of their hand, it can be surprisingly hard to navigate a course at night. Most glow golf clubs will make sure that a course is ready to play by adding lights to the baskets, around the teepads, and marking any particularly dangerous obstacles so players can be more wary in the dark.

Playing disc golf in the dark with Dynamic Discs Moonshine plastic is a unique and exciting experience that requires some preparation but can lead to a lot of fun with the right equipment and preparation. Check out some discs in the updated Dynamic Discs Moonshine plastic right now at or your local retailer!