You should run a Veterans for Vets event this off-season.

You should run a Veterans for Vets event this off-season.

The perfect way to scratch your competitive itch this off-season while supporting a great cause is back! This winter, Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 are bringing back their winter “tournament-in-a-box” option: Veterans for Vets. And, we’re even sending brand new Veteran Baskets to qualifying events! Following in the footsteps of the Trilogy Challenge, Veterans for Vets is an event designed to give new players, or those who are out of practice during the winter, a tournament atmosphere without the pressure of a sanctioned event. And it provides a great opportunity for a local disc golf community to raise money that gets returned to that same community through organizations tasked with serving veterans!

  • When can you run a Veterans for Vets tournament?
  • Why should I play in a Veterans for Vets tournament?
  • How can I get started running a Veterans for Vets tournament?
  • How can I get a free Veteran Basket for my community?

When can you run a Veterans for Vets tournament?

Veterans for Vets events are designed to be run during gaps in your local tournament schedule so players can appreciate the casual atmosphere. Events can be run anytime between November 11, 2022 and March 1, 2023. The winter months of December, January, and February typically have fewer tournaments scheduled than in any other time of the year. As disc golfers are itching to get out and play, a Veterans for Vets event might just be the thing they are looking for. The downside of playing in the winter is that if the weather is cold, icy, snowy, or windy many players choose to remain indoors. When playing for a great cause, though, players are more likely to buck up and battle the elements. Veterans have had to experience conditions much worse than some tricky winter weather. The least the disc golf community can do in return is to play disc golf in some winter conditions!

Why should I play in a Veterans for Vets tournament?

Do you have a few buddies who have been playing recreationally and are ready to dip their toe into organized competitive disc golf? A Veterans for Vets event is a great start. The event is broken up into 6 divisions; Experienced Male, Experienced Female, Novice Male, Novice Female, Veteran Male, and Veteran Female. Players don’t have to worry about the difference between Intermediate and Advanced, age-protected guidelines, or professional standards. The Novice divisions are perfect for those new to the tournament scene. They can just play. While trophies are awarded for the top three in each division, this is not the primary focus of the event. The focus is on playing for a cause. Having two divisions for veterans (or active duty) allows for the disc golf community to further recognize those who have served.

The organizer for each Veterans for Vets event gets to choose a local agency or organization that helps veterans in the community where the event is played. Local American Legions or a VFW Post make for great recipients of the funds raised by disc golfers playing in a Veterans for Vets event. It is important that these events are played locally and support veterans locally. 

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How can I get started running a Veterans for Vets tournament?

If a club or group is interested in running an event, they would simply go to the website and register their event. Once they have registered their event, they will begin to promote and get players registered to play. TDs can use for registration using a simple template already developed for these specific events! The cost for a player to compete is $25. The player will get to compete in an 18-hole round of disc golf and will also receive two commemorative discs. The $25 tournament entry fee is low enough for newer disc golfers to participate and get a deal on some discs, while being high enough to raise some funds for a local veteran-serving agency or organization!

The fun part is actually hosting and running the event. Scorecards will be provided that the TD can use to track scores and determine winners. TDs can be creative in the format of their event. Singles, doubles, or even triples formats could be used. The event could have rolling flex start tee times. The event could be capped at 90 and have a shotgun start at a specified time. How the tournament is run is not nearly as important as why the event is run.

How can I get a free Veteran Basket for my community?

Now for the real exciting news! If an event has 50 or more players, Dynamic Discs will ship a brand new red, white, and blue portable Veteran basket ($449 retail value) to the TD to use in any way they see fit. They can donate the basket to a local course, they can raffle the basket to raise additional funds for the local veteran-serving charity, etc. That decision is left up to the TD.

Dynamic Discs has a goal of giving away 50 Red, White, and Blue Veteran baskets this winter to help celebrate the first season of Veterans for Vets events. While these baskets will certainly raise some funds, their donation will pale in comparison to the many, many thousands of dollars that disc golfers will be donating to local agencies and organizations driven to help the veterans in our country that served our country. Help us meet this goal and support your local veterans organization by signing up to be a tournament director at

Growing disc golf comes in many different shapes and sizes. Growing the support by running or participating in a Veterans for Vets event this winter not only promotes the sport, but it benefits a group of people to whom we should all be indebted.