Dynamic Discs Partners with Seekr Disc Golf to Provide Free Disc Golf Training to Players Worldwide

Dynamic Discs Partners with Seekr Disc Golf to Provide Free Disc Golf Training to Players Worldwide

Dynamic Discs, one of the leading names in the disc golf industry, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Seekr Disc Golf, the #1 Private Disc Golf Training App. 

Seekr Disc Golf has been providing training over the last two years to thousands of disc golfers across the world and is known for its sound teaching methods, which drive straight from the pros. 

This partnership aims to provide free disc golf training to the Dynamic Discs' audience while aligning with Seekr's ambitious mission of leveling up the games of 10,000 disc golfers by 2025. 

What is Seekr Disc Golf? 

Seekr Disc Golf is a private web training app for disc golfers. It’s a training curriculum in the palm of your hand. And the great part is it’s 100% free. 

To download the private app for free, you have to use this link. It’s only available via a private web link, not the public app store. 

You can view the training program on your iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, or more. 

The Inception

Started by David Klasser back in 2021, Seekr’s mission is to help disc golfers level up their game. After interviewing the pros, doing disc golf drills, and consistent fieldwork, David’s disc golf game transformed.

David went from being an 830-rated player to a 930-rated player in 8 months. 

“I’ve always been athletic. I played competitive baseball. So when I picked up disc golf, I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting better. There was a timeframe of 6 months where I just couldn’t throw the disc far, let alone be consistent.”

The Turning Point

David went right to the source: Disc Golf Pros. He paid them for their time and taught them what they know. 

“I met with over 10 disc golfers and asked them all the same questions: How did you get better? What are the specific things I should do to improve my game?” 

After transforming his own game, David started getting requests for coaching. And the more he taught, the more he saw a need in the industry. 

The Problem

“If you want to get better at disc golf, there’s a lot of resources out there for you. But that’s the problem, there’s so much noise. You’re not exactly sure who to follow,” David said. 

“If I want to learn backhand, there are about 45 YouTube or Instagram channels to watch. And the problem is you’re not exactly sure which one to trust. That leaves you with a stew of all these different tips and it never stuck for me.”

The Solution

Great disc golf training needs to be derived from a source. And that source is the pros for Seekr Disc Golf. That’s their “empirical data.”

Seekr has the largest private library of pro form analysis. Over 12 pros have worked with them to capture all angles of their throw. After spending hundreds of hours reviewing their form, Seekr found objective truths that every disc golfer, no matter of size, age, gender, or body makeup should do to improve their game. This is what they call the “60%”. 

“60% of disc golf form is objective, meaning you MUST do these things in order to improve. The other 40% is subjective, meaning you can do what is comfortable for you. You see this in the pros form. Some do a simple pump before they throw, some keep their arm still. But they all have similarities that are true across all players. That’s what we are concerned about,” David said. 

“If we can correct the smallest parts of our form that have the biggest impact, we can get really good, really fast. But we have to know what that is first. And with Seekr’s teaching framework, you can.”  

Seekr’s goal is to teach that “60%” to disc golfers across the world through their free training program (the app) and their disc golf lessons (online or in-person) through state-of-the-art technology and video processing. 

Who is Seekr Disc Golf For? 

The free Seekr Disc Golf app has exceptional features that disc golf enthusiasts of all levels will find useful.

“Seekr was made for the type of player who knows they want to get better but doesn’t exactly know how, '' David Klasser, Founder of Seekr Disc Golf said. 

“There’s a growing group of disc golfers who really desire to get better, play more tournaments, and have fun and compete with friends. They want to grow the sport, be respectable and professional, and do something meaningful in life. That’s the type of disc golfer we want to work with at Seekr.” 

Where Seekr really shines is if you’re a beginner or you’ve played for multiple years and hit a wall with your play. 

If you’re 975-rated or above, it’s Seekr’s recommendation to move to their online or in-person coaching lessons vs. use the app. 

How Seekr Disc Golf Will Benefit You

Let's explore the Seekr Disc Golf app and its three main features:

Feature 1: The 60-Day Challenge: Get Insanely Good at Disc Golf in 60 Days

The Seekr Disc Golf app offers a 60-Day Challenge, comprising a series of step-by-step videos designed to help players learn and improve their disc golf skills progressively. 

Whether you're a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an experienced player looking to fine-tune your technique, this feature serves as an invaluable resource. With clear and concise instruction that builds upon each other, the 60-Day Challenge empowers disc golfers to build a strong foundation, develop proper throwing techniques, and enhance their overall game.

The videos include categories like:

  • Putting
  • Backhand
  • Forehand
  • Shot Shaping
  • Disc Selection
  • Mental Game
  • And more!

Feature 2: The Benchmark Test: Discover Your Weaknesses & Determine What Division You Should Play

Seekr's Benchmark Test is a game-changing feature that allows disc golfers to identify their current weaknesses and determine the division they should be playing in. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Download the app
  2. Head to an open field
  3. Read the instructions in the app
  4. Complete the specific tasks with certain discs
  5. Add your score
  6. Receive your benchmark score & division recommendation 

“I created the benchmark test to help disc golfers know where they stand and what they need to do to get better. If you keep throwing forehand driver flexes on a 210-foot hole, you’re never going to get better. You need to learn to throw putters and land them softly. The benchmark test will help you know what you need to work on. It will give you clarity.” David explained. 

The app will assign you a score out of 100 pts. As you complete different tasks, you are given points. If you get a total score of let's say 35pts, you’ll be recommended a division you should play in at the league or in tournaments. 

Download the free disc golf app here and take the benchmark test yourself.  

Feature 3: Pro Interviews: Gain Valuable Insights from the Best in the Game

Seekr Disc Golf app offers access to an extensive library of over eight videos featuring exclusive interviews with professional disc golfers like Gannon Buhr, JohnE McCray, Holyn Handley, Mason Ford, and more. 

These interviews provide an exceptional opportunity for players to delve into the minds of the pros, gaining invaluable insights into their strategies, mindset, and techniques.

With the pros sharing their experiences and offering helpful tips, disc golfers can elevate their game to new heights. The Pro Interviews feature not only inspires players but also guides them in refining their skills and adapting winning strategies.

David shares, “I wanted to share part of my journey with everyone. Some of these videos are the starting point in my journey to learning how to improve my own game. These guys and gals are incredible people, so I hope others find value in them as I did.” 

A Partnership That Will Impact Thousands

The partnership between Dynamic Discs and Seekr Disc Golf marks a significant milestone in the disc golf community. By providing free access to Seekr's exceptional training features, Dynamic Discs aims to empower its audience with the tools they need to enhance their disc golf experience and help everyone become a better disc golfer.

Seekr's 100% free app offers the transformative 60-Day Challenge, enabling players to progress systematically. Additionally, the Benchmark Test allows players to assess their weaknesses accurately, while the Pro Interviews feature provides invaluable insights from the best in the game.

With Seekr Disc Golf, the path to improvement and success in disc golf has never been more accessible. As we embark on this exciting partnership, we invite disc golfers from all skill levels to join us on this journey of growth and achievement. Together, let's embrace the power of technology and elevate the disc golf community to new heights. Remember, greatness awaits those who seek it.

Disclaimer: The availability of Seekr Disc Golf features and services may vary depending on the user's location and app version. Seekr Disc Golf offers paid memberships not associated with Dynamic Discs offering or customer service. Seekr Disc Golf reserves the right to modify or discontinue any or all of the mentioned features at their discretion.