How are TOUR SERIES discs DIFFERENT from regular disc golf discs?

How are TOUR SERIES discs DIFFERENT from regular disc golf discs?
At Dynamic Discs we do our best to make sure your favorite player’s tour series disc is in a special plastic. But it’s not always easy to tell if a tour series version of a disc will fly differently. In general, a good way to get an idea of how two discs will compare is to measure their parting line around the outer edge. But let’s put that to the test for this project. I’ve collected a bunch of tour series discs from the past year and we can see how they’ll fly compared to another version of that disc.



The Lucid Justice is a staple in so many players' bags for good reason—it's the most reliably overstable disc you can find. And last season, we came out with the Justice in Lucid Ice plastic, a run of Justice that ended up being slightly more overstable than the Lucid plastic. We also produced Lucid Air Justices as a pro worlds fundraiser. These Justice came in lighter weights but still had plenty of stability. Side note: throwing a disc that's so light but still so overstable is quite interesting.

Left to right: Lucid Ice, Lucid, Lucid Air



The Culprit is a newer overstable approach disc from Dynamic Discs this year. It's been easiest to find in Hybrid plastic, but how does the Hybrid Culprit compare to the Lucid-X Culprit? Lucid-X plastic is noticeably stiffer and almost always more overstable than Lucid plastic, and these Lucid-X Culprits are no exception. They have a similar flight to the Hybrid Culprit but a stronger fade at the end. And the lucid-x version would hold up to a little more headwind too.

Left: Lucid-X, Right: Hybrid



The Suspect is an approach midrange with a low profile and super controllable, straight-to-overstable flight. It's a mold that we retired a couple of years ago but brought back last season as a special run of Lucid Chameleon Suspects and Hybrid-X Suspects for members of our tour team. And while their flights look very similar from overhead, the Hybrid-X felt more high-speed stable and faded sooner.

Left: Hybrid-X, Right: Lucid Chameleon



The Maiden is a super controllable, straight-flying putter from Westside Discs. Most commonly used as a putting putter, the Maiden in VIP plastic also functions as an excellent driving putter for many players. Last season, we released the VIP Maiden and a Tournament-X plastic version. I expected the Tournament-X to fly more overstable but was surprised to see them fly in a similar straight line. However, given the stiffness and durability of Tournament-X plastic, the Maiden throwers I know are more than satisfied with this option.

Left: VIP, Right: Tournament-X


SPEED: 7 GLIDE: 4 TURN: -1.5 FADE: 2

The Maverickis a fairway driver with a controllable straight flight that many woods golf players love. Last season, we released the Maverick in Fuzion-X Burst plastic as well. Compared to a Lucid Maverick, the difference isn't dramatic. Still, it offers more stability and likely added durability thanks to the Fuzion-X Burst plastic.

Left: Fuzion Burst, Right: Fuzion-X Burst


SPEED: 9 GLIDE: 5 TURN: -1.5 FADE: 2

The Vandal is a faster, understable fairway driver. While those with higher arm speeds often use it for rollers, many players successfully use the Vandal to carve lines in the woods. Last year, we released the Vandal in Fuzion-X plastic. Compared to Lucid plastic, it generally has more stability. For our comparison, a Fuzion-X Vandal thrown with less hyzer flew much more to the right than the Lucid Vandal. But, if you pay attention to how soon the Fuzion-X Vandal finishes, you can see the added stability. Eric McCabe has also said that some of these Fuzion-X Vandals have more dome, which gives them even more stability.

Left: Lucid, Right: Fuzion-X


SPEED: 11 GLIDE: 4 TURN: 0 FADE: 2.5

The Sergeant is a very controllable, surprisingly-straight control driver. To me, it flies like a much longer Evader. In Fuzion plastic, it will flip to flat, hold straight, and not finish as hard as you might think. In Fuzion-X plastic, this disc is much more overstable. It reminds me of a faster Felon but with a gentler fade. In our comparison, a Sergeant thrown at a lower release point hit the ground before it had a chance to move farther to the left. From experience, I've seen this disc stand up to much more power and wind in the Fuzion-X plastic.

Left: Fuzion-X, Right: Fuzion



Up next is the KING of overstable fairway drivers, the Felon. The Felon is a workhorse overstable fairway driver loved by everyone (from casual players to world champions) and known for its overstable and controllable flight. For our comparisons, first, we have last season's Fuzion Orbit Felon, which boasts a surprisingly glidey flight with a reliable fade at the end.

Next, we also have Fuzion-X Felons that are more high-speed stable. They resist turning and fade harder at the end, causing them to carry just a little farther than I'd expect from a disc with that stability. And finally, we tested the Hybrid-X Felon, which fit perfectly into a reliable utility disc slot. They are very flat and overstable to stand up to any wind and consistently execute the shot when needed.

Left to right: Fuzion-X, Fuzion Orbit, Hybrid-X


SPEED: 9 GLIDE: 5 TURN: -0.5 FADE: 3

The Lucid Getaway is an incredible fairway driver known for its glide and controllable, straight flight. Last season, we released Hybrid-X Getaways, which are much more overstable. They will hold the angle out of your hand and carve a reliable hyzer. In addition, getaways generally have much more glide than people expect, so this disc can be a workhorse driver when accuracy is at a premium.

Left: Lucid, Right: Hybrid-X


Speed: 7 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 2.5

The Evader is a controllable fairway driver that executes shots with exceptional precision. In Lucid plastic, itwillflip to flat if you power up on it, but it mostly holds very straight with a gentle finish. And last season, we came out with these Lucid Evaders that look to me a lot like Lucid-Ice plastic, but they were right when we started to get discs in that plastic, so these are still labeled Lucid. These have way more dome, and they have a lot more stability. The dome adds glide, and the extra stability makes it perfect for big hyzer shots. Lastly, we released these Fuzion Burst Evaders around the time for "Texas States." As far as I remember, they're the only Fuzion Evaders we have ever released. These are similar to the Lucid but appear to hold straighter for a little longer.

Left to right: Lucid-X, Lucid, Fuzion Burst


Last season, we added a new visual effect called Orbit to our Fuzion plastic. While Fuzion Orbit plastic is the same as Fuzion, we had a Fuzion Orbit Escape and a Fuzion Enforcer available while we were testing, so I created the flight lines for those as well. These Fuzion Orbit Enforcers have more dome than the Fuzion Enforcer we threw during testing. (The Fuzion Orbit Enforcer would carry a little longer for those wanting maximum distance and control.)


SPEED: 13 GLIDE: 5 TURN: -0.5 FADE: 3.0

The Raider is a workhorse driver for a lot of players. In Lucid plastic, it will flip to flat and carry a long distance before a reliable fade when thrown with a bit of hyzer. We also came out with Lucid-X Chameleon Raiders last season, which are much more overstable. In the comparison, the Lucid-X was thrown flat and flew a very similar line to the Lucid. It has exceptional high-speed stability, but even with that, the dome helps it carry a surprising distance.

Left: Lucid, Right: Lucid-X Chameleon


SPEED: 12 GLIDE: 5 TURN: -0.5 FADE: 3

We see a similar story with the Trespass. In Lucid plastic, it is a workhorse driver for a thrower with an average arm speed, showcasing a little flip-to-flat action and gentle-but-reliable fade. For Eric McCabe, it flies a much straighter line. We compared the Lucid plastic to the Lucid-X Moonshine version released towards the end of last season, which looks to have more stability. From my vantage point, the Lucid-X Moonshine Trespass flies in windy conditions the way a Lucid Trespass flies in no wind, so it's perfect for filling the top end for those cycling the Trespass as their go-to distance drivers.

Left: Lucid-X Moonshine, Right: Lucid


SPEED: 12 GLIDE: 5 TURN: -0.5 FADE: 2

Moving over to Westside for our final two comparisons, the Sword fills the Westside lineup close to where the Trespass fits for Dynamic Discs. In VIP plastic, it's a controllable, straight-flying distance driver with a TON of glide. And for comparison, we threw the Sword in VIP-X plastic. When thrown flatter than the VIP Sword, the VIP-X version works to the right much more. But with the sooner fade of the VIP-X Sword, it's safe to say that Sword throwers can count on more stability. 

Left: VIP, Right: VIP-X



And finally, from Westside Discs, the Adder.This disc features the most significant change in stability in our whole test. The Adder usually flies a consistent distance driver line with ample glide. It will hold a hyzer but still carry a long way before ending with a strong fade. And for comparison, we have these Tournament-X Adders, which are unique. They have considerably more dome, and the parting line is much higher. As a result, these Adders are very overstable. They fly best when used for anhyzer flex shots or skip shots—and we have yet to find a wind that these Adders cannot overcome.

Left: Tournament-X, Right: VIP

We have many more, but those are all the discs I could track down and compare for this project. But most of the discs from this video and many more are now discounted at if you want to check for yourself! A special shout-out goes to Eric McCabe for throwing the many discs needed for this comparison. Thanks for reading and supporting Dynamic Discs!