Pitch For Pins 2023 Has Officially Started!

Pitch For Pins 2023 Has Officially Started!

Most of the time, the hardest part of building a disc golf course isn't finding the right land or getting permission to use it. The real problem is that money doesn't grow on trees…and neither do disc golf baskets or tee signs.

Sometimes, though, those do just show up in the mail – something the winners of Dynamic Disc's latest Pitch for Pins can attest to.

After carefully considering over two dozen applications and video pitches for this nationwide contest, we identified the two disc golf projects we believed had the greatest potential to grow the sport in all the right ways and help enrich lives through disc golf. After we made our selections, we shipped them both nine Patriot disc golf baskets and course signage at no cost.

Keep reading to get to know more about the contest and learn about 2022's winning entries. Who knows? Maybe something you see here can help your own project or one you care about find success in Dynamic Discs' 2023 Pitch for Pins.

Dynamic Discs' Pitch for Pins Origins

The first Pitch for Pins in 2020 was the brainchild of that year's U.S. Amateur Match Play Championships winner, Elliot Zettas. For his big victory, Zettas received a big prize: 18 Dynamic Discs baskets and tee signs.

Earning his PhD in social entrepreneurship at the time, Zettas wanted to maximize the good his prize could do. He reached out to us about creating a contest that would help him identify a great project to support. We loved the idea and worked with him to develop and promote the original Pitch for Pins contest.

Though that first Pitch for Pins was supposed to have just one winner, the second-place entry was so good, we decided to match Zettas' donation and send them a set of baskets and signs, too. In 2022, we knew from the start we'd choose two winning pitches.

And if you're wondering what's in this for us, it's simple. It supports our mission at Dynamic Discs to enrich lives through disc golf – a sport that's a healthy, accessible activity for people of all ages.

"What we want out of this is to help a community or organization that's in need and deserving to help grow the sport and help spread disc golf by providing everything they need for a course minus the concrete and manpower!" said Brian McKay, Dynamic's course sales manager.

How Pitch for Pins Works

We made minor tweaks to the original competition format last year, but the basics stayed the same. Anyone with a disc golf project in the U.S. could send in a video between 60 and 90 seconds long that made the strongest case possible for why their project would be good for the sport and their community. 

Along with the video, contestants filled out a short form with pertinent information that helped with our decision-making. This year is very similar. Just fill the below form out to submit your 2023 Pitch for Pins.

2022 Pitch for Pins Winner: Rolesville High School, North Carolina

Jeremy Davis is a P.E. teacher at Rolesville High School in North Carolina and an avid disc golfer. Before hearing about Pitch for Pins, he was trying to make a course on school grounds with mobile baskets but had run into issues with theft.

"I knew it was a risk to have temp baskets, but I know the disc golf community is like a family and karma is a big thing and thought it might work," Davis said.

After a few baskets disappeared, Davis took the remaining ones down and was "in the process of figuring how to mount them – welding, cement, whatever" when a disc golfing buddy saw a post about Pitch for Pins and encouraged him to enter.

After carefully planning out the video with the help of his college-age daughter, Davis enlisted his younger children, Rolesville students, and an assistant principal to assist with filming. 

When that principal found out Davis' pitch had been selected, Davis said he exclaimed, "Holy crap! You actually won" before suggesting "his great camera presence" likely sealed the deal.

Rolesville High's disc golf course is already having an impact and making an impression on students, school staff, and the community. Davis quietly erected the track with the help of his family during a school break, and when students returned, there was a big response.

"I had a flood of people come up to me super excited about seeing baskets up and super eager to play it…kids that I had no clue knew anything about disc golf," Davis said.

There are also now five P.E. classes at Rolesville High with a disc golf unit, which is a great addition to the curriculum and helps open up a previously cramped gym space. Some teachers are enjoying it personally, too, as getting in a round with colleagues during their planning periods gives them a chance to talk shop while being active.

On evenings and weekends, Davis regularly encounters people not involved with the school enjoying rounds.

"I have run into multiple families in the evening and on the weekends when I have been cutting grass on holes who have raved about having a beginner friendly course that they can spend quality time together on," Davis said.

All this, reports Davis, has "school administration rav[ing] about how disc golf" has done wonders for the school's standing in the community and PR. There's even talk of holding disc golf events as school fundraisers.

While Davis told us he thinks he "can never fully and adequately express his gratitude" for what he gained from Pitch for Pins, we'd like to assure him that hearing about results like his are why this contest exists and all the gratitude we'll ever need.

2022 Pitch for Pins Winner: Amigo Centre, Michigan

For employees at the Amigo Centre in Michigan, which focuses on retreats and outdoor programming for youth, getting the news that their Pitch for Pins was a success came as a much needed boost in tough times.

"We were so happy and excited to have won!" said Colton Eby, youth ministry coordinator at the centre. "Having put so much effort into clearing out and cleaning up from the storms for many months, it was so comforting to know that we had something new to bring the facilities up to a new level."

The Amigo Centre has had a rudimentary disc golf course for years, but the targets were just tires in the ground. Without better equipment, neither staff nor visitors really took to the sport until after its explosion during the early years of the COVID pandemic.

The new equipment didn't go in until November 2022, and Michigan winters aren't the kindest for disc golf, so there have only been a few times when the course was comfortable to play so far. Eby said some of those occasions allowed for "some awesome glow rounds."

But the Amigo Centre's staff is eagerly planning ways to include disc golf in its regular, warm-weather programming with area youth, and we have no doubt the equipment will be put to great use."We have often added disc golf to our outdoor education programming as a sort of afterthought," Eby said. "Now we can provide a real disc golf experience to schools and confidently offer it regularly."

When Does Pitch for Pins 2023 Start?

Pitch for Pins 2023 has officially started and will be accepting submissions through August 31st 2023! To enter for your chance to win 9 Patriot baskets and 9 basic tee signs, fill out the form below.