What is Sai Ananda using to challenge the Pro Tour this season?

What is Sai Ananda using to challenge the Pro Tour this season?
This year, Sai Ananda has proven that she has what it takes to compete at the highest level. So we reached out to her to find out what discs she carries to meet the demands of the pro tour. Sai has carefully selected each disc in her bag to ensure she has the right tool for every shot. From drivers to putters, each disc serves a specific purpose, and knowing which disc to use can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the discs Sai Ananda carries in her bag and how she uses them to achieve success on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Putters/Approach Discs

I both putt and throw the Warden. For me, it's incredibly straight and stable for putting, stable to understable thrown, and I really like how they age. 

The Judge is one of the newer discs I've added to the bag. It’s straight and a bit more stable compared to the Warden. It holds a hyzer but still flips when I put it on an anhyzer angle. I like it for both up shots and tee shots.

The Harp is my most reliable throwing putter, and I have quite a few that I switch depending on conditions and play. I love this disc for so many shots. I use this most commonly for forehand outs and upshots, different types of backhand hyzer shots, straight shots, and flex shots. I use it off the tee and for upshots.

I find a lot of joy in throwing the Deputy. I love putting it on all kinds of anhyzers and watching it go. As a right-handed backhand player, this is my must-have disc for left-to-right shots, mostly upshots and some tee shots.


In the Zero Hard plastic, the Mace is a great understable midrange for me. I like it for straight, flip-up, and big anhyzers. I use it for both midrange and tee shots.

This is one of my favorites and a great utility disc. I like the Warship for its glide. It goes very far for a midrange, but it's controllable on a variety of angles depending on the conditions. I like it for both midrange and fairway shots.

The Gatekeeper is a great combination of glide and high-speed stability for me. I like this disc for longer hyzers, but when thrown on anhyzer, it glides so straight. It’s reliable in most conditions. I use it for midrange and tee shots.

The Bard is one of my favorite overstable mids. I use it for a variety of shots from straight to spike hyzer, and it always has a reliable finish for me. The Bard is mostly used for mid or fairway shots and occasionally off the tee.

The Justice is a utility disc for me. My go-to OVERstable midrange should any hole or condition call for it. Not much glide, but very consistent, reliable flight characteristics and predictable distance for me. I have a selection of molds in rotation that aren't always "in the bag", per se, and this is one that moves in and out of the actual bag depending on the course or hole.

The Fuse is a newer disc I'm working into my rotation. It seems to be stable to understable for me so far, and I love the glide. I like it for shaping effortless anhyzers in the woods. I think I will end up using it for midrange, fairway, and tee shots.

Fairway Drivers

The Vandal is my go-to understable fairway driver. It matches my speed really well and flips just as I expect it to, which makes it very reliable for turnover shots. I use the Vandal off the tee and as a fairway driver.

I like the Longbowman in both Tournament and VIP for the similarities and differences in their flight characteristics. While they are nearly the same, I find the VIP to be more stable and straight. I use it for more hyzer to flex shots. The tournament is straight to understable, and I use it for more turnover to straight shots. I use it off the tee and for scramble fairway shots.

In the Fuzion Orbit plastic, the Felon is my utility overstable fairway driver. I use it both Forehand and backhand for hyzers, flat hyzers, straight to finish, flex shots. It’s very maneuverable. I think that with enough power and control, you could achieve almost any flight with this disc. I use it for tee shots, scramble, and fairway shots.

Distance Drivers

I absolutely love how easy-to-throw the Grace is. It holds a nearly perfect place between fairway and high-speed drivers. It delivers great glide and distance, almost effortlessly, without being unpredictably flippy. I love getting a full flight, weaving through the trees, or putting it on big anhyzers off the tee.

The Goldline Ballista is my go-to distance driver in good conditions. The high-speed stability matches my throw very well, and I can get great max distance with the Ballista. It’s perfectly understable without compromising the consistency or high-speed stability.

The Ballista Pro is a perfect step up from the Ballista. It has the same feel and rim thickness with added fade and stability for me. It’s perfect for shaping long flex shots or pushing a distance hyzer. I have it in a variety of plastics which provides a seamless spectrum of stability to choose the ideal flight for any given shot that calls for it.

The Enforcer is my beefcake. It’s my most reliable, overstable high-speed driver. I trust this disc in almost any condition. If there's wind, you can bet I'm throwing my Enforcer. It’s predictably straight to overstable. Back home, It’s more stable and it’s straighter as the wind has more influence.


As a rising star, Sai has taken the time to carefully select the right discs for her game and has developed a deep understanding of how each disc performs on the course. We are so grateful for the chance to get a look into what she carries and why! Be sure to follow Sai as she continues to challenge the best in the game on the Disc Golf Pro Tour this season!