Unleash the Full Potential of Your Next Tournament with Our Event Sponsorship Initiative!

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Next Tournament with Our Event Sponsorship Initiative!

Are you a tournament director with a passion for taking disc golf events to new heights? We're excited to introduce you to an extraordinary opportunity that will elevate your tournaments and bring them the recognition they deserve. Presenting our NEW Event Sponsorship Initiative – a game-changer for PDGA Sanctioned events that's designed to reward your hard work and dedication.

We understand the effort that goes into organizing successful disc golf tournaments. From planning logistics to creating a memorable player experience, the journey isn't without its challenges. That's why we've crafted a program tailored to tournament directors like you, aiming to enhance your events in ways that truly matter.

So, what does our new Event Sponsorship Initiative offer?

Minimum Purchase
Credit Applied


A-tier Sponsorship: If you're hosting an A-tier event and commit to a minimum purchase of $4000, we're ready to reward you with a whopping $2000 in wholesale credit. This is your chance to invest in first-rate prizes, elevate the overall player experience, and make your event a true standout.

B-tier Sponsorship: Even if you're organizing a B-tier event, you're in for a treat. A minimum purchase of $2000 grants you $1000 in wholesale credit, empowering you to bring more excitement and value to your participants.

C-tier Sponsorship: We believe that every event matters, which is why our C-tier sponsorship is equally compelling. A minimum purchase of $1000 translates to $500 in wholesale credit – a boost that can significantly enhance your tournament's offerings. 

But here's the beauty of our initiative: we're not limiting your choices. You have the creative freedom to decide how to utilize the wholesale credits to enhance your event, whether it's sourcing top-notch gear, boosting prize packages, or refining event logistics.

In return for your partnership, we just ask for the honor of being named the Title Sponsor of your event. This is a testament to our commitment to supporting and nurturing the growth of disc golf.

Whether you're a seasoned tournament director or a newcomer with big dreams, the Dynamic Discs Event Sponsorship Initiative is tailor-made for you. Our goal is simple: to make your event shine brighter than ever before.

Want to know more? We're here to discuss how we can collaborate and make your tournament a resounding success. Submit this Event Sponsorship form or reach out to Derek Savory at Derek@dynamicdiscs.com.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication to the disc golf community. By joining forces, we can create unforgettable experiences and propel the growth of this amazing sport to new heights.