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Disc Golf Dri-Fits

It gets sweaty out on the course. The temperature doesn't even need to be that high. The game's intense, you're focused on improving your score, and between that, the perspiration starts to flow.

Regular cotton is no match. Your hiker and backpacking buddies may have told you all the ways you should avoid cotton, but most of the points likely went in one ear and out the other. You're not hiking above treeline, you think - your activity level's not that demanding. But, listen to them (and us) on this: serious athletes out there, spending hours each day perfecting their skills, shouldn't have anything extraneous holding them back. That's why, in considering the advanced and pro players out there, we offer a selection of Dri-Fit tees.

What is Dri-Fit?

With active gear, you've likely heard about moisture-wicking technology. That's essentially what Dri-Fit is: a treatment applied to a performance fabric like polyester that moves perspiration, as well as droplets of water, away from your skin to the fabric's surface. Instead of soak through, chafe, and throw off your game, the sweat evaporates, keeping you dry, collected, and focused out there.

If you can wear it to the gym, you can wear it on the green to maximize your game.

About Our Dri-Fit T-Shirts

Although Dynamic Discs made our mark with unique dyes and patterns, we expanded to disc golf apparel and gear in a short number of years. When we say we've got disc golf covered, we fully mean it and couple a wide spectrum of molds made with premier plastics with top-quality performance apparel.

Our Dri-Fit tees deliver truly advanced-level comfort. Along with moisture-wicking properties, polyester knit moves with your body during those difficult holes, while a crewneck and set-in sleeves feel timeless yet keep hard, irritating seams to a minimum.

Pair our Dri-Fit tees with our performance shorts for full moisture-wicking protection out on the course, and get fast, free shipping on your order.