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Disc Golf Stools

Everyone's heard this about traditional golf: it's dull to sit through, whether you're in the audience or watching it on television. Disc golf attracted you because it brings more excitement and exhilaration, but when you're out with a group of players, one factor still remains: sometimes, you have to wait around to take your turn.

One or two holes? You're good to go. Even a practice in the yard, you'll be moving. But, when 18 holes stretch ahead, with each challenge appearing harder than the last, expect to do some standing.

In the hot sun, though, you and other players get tired, no matter how exciting the game seems, and midway through, you feel like throwing in the towel. For this reason, disc golf stools have grown in popularity, and in considering everything a player needs to enjoy a day outdoors, Dynamic Discs partnered with CampTime® for a lightweight option designed with the materials composing our disc golf bags.

Dynamic Discs' Disc Golf Stools

These aren't your typical stool - or even a camp chair, for that matter. Instead, CampTime® Roll-a-Stools start with a foldable, three-legged design that's portable, somewhat compact, and light enough that it won't weigh you down. Between holes, all you have to do is fold it up, attach it to the outside of your disc golf bag, and move onto the next challenge.

Each begins with a 6005A-T6 aluminum alloy frame - sturdy and American made - and extra-large, reinforced one-inch diameter legs that provide enough support. It's CampTime's full-height option for convenient, outdoor comfort, and we've added our own touch, utilizing three layers of breathable, quick-drying polyester mesh or our Ranger bag material for a durable, sag-free seat.

Tired of standing? We have the solution. Get comfortable with a disc golf stool, and spend more hours outdoors improving your score. Shop all options today, and get fast, free shipping on your order.