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Disc Golf Umbrellas

You don't consider disc golf strictly a sunny day sport. Rain or shine, snow or humidity, you'll be out there aiming for the basket, working on your arm, and shaving off points to improve your game.

Yet, especially when you have a whole day stretching ahead of you, planning is integral to the experience. Dynamic Discs stocks our selection for all types of disc golf players - beginner to pro, casual to extreme - and helps you out in drizzling to downpours with our selection of the best disc golf umbrellas.

About Disc Golf Umbrellas

Disc golf umbrellas take after their traditional golf counterparts. A traditional golf umbrella is built to cover at least one player plus the bag they carry. In some cases, the canopy is designed to shelter up to three players. Rib length tends to vary from 26 to 34 inches.

Along with this span, golf umbrellas feature a sturdier design, equipped to handle travel and strong winds without getting bent out of shape and often utilize waterproof materials. Excluding the fabric, durable fiberglass composes or reinforces the body for this degree of strength.

Dynamic Discs' Disc Golf Umbrellas

Featuring our own logos, as well as those from Latitude 64 and Westside Discs, we carry two types of disc golf umbrellas:

  • Square umbrellas: Measuring 59 inches across, these disc golf umbrellas cover a greater area to keep you dry and are built to easily rest on the ground. Fiberglass reinforces the plastic shaft and internal ribbing system, and foam ensures the non-slip handle fits comfortably in your palm.
  • Traditional umbrellas: These cover a circular area and, off the course, do double duty as a standard rain umbrella with sturdier construction. This umbrella measures 60 inches across when open and closes down to 39 inches long.

Prepare for rain during the game with a disc golf umbrella designed to conveniently attach to many of our disc golf bags, and get fast, free shipping on your order.