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Out of Production Limited Discs

Dynamic Discs has experienced a significant amount of growth since its modest beginnings. Owner Jeremy Rusco started the company as a way to pay for his hobby, adding unique graphics and colors to discs to sell on eBay. Demand quickly and steadily picked up, and over the years, we transitioned from being a distributor of disc golf gear to creating our own line in conjunction with Latitude 64 and also added apparel, accessories, and bags to our selection. In short, when we say we've got disc golf covered, we mean it.

Yet, demand shifts, and to continue keeping up with production and the types of discs players seek out, we update and change our product selection regularly. This may mean that certain disc molds or plastics aren't in stock, or that we have decided to phase out a particular design.

Out-of-Production Discount Disc Golf Discs

Generally, Dynamic Discs, as well as our partnering brands Latitude 64 and Westside Discs, takes this approach to ensure that customers are being presented with the best selection possible.

At Dynamic Discs, we strive to offer a bit of everything to help all players become better at the sport of disc golf. As such, our product line includes entry-level and beginner discs through more intermediate-level supplies for the casual and weekend player to heavy-duty, ultra-durable solutions for professional-level tournament disc golfers who will be out on the course every day or on the road and need reliable performance. Additionally, in considering all essentials, we keep our selection further stocked with disc golf bags, carts, and accessories to help you out and take along your gear to the green.

In turn, every time we introduce a new lineup, we determine which items we'll move out of production to make room for the latest product selection, which may entail new molds, plastics, Team Series discs, or graphics. At the current time, the following products are being phased out for our most recent offerings, and in turn, we're offering them at a discount.

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