Dynamic Discs Disc Golf City

Make Your Hometown a Dynamic Discs Disc Golf City

Anyone that travels to Emporia, especially during the Glass Blown Open, knows that disc golf is a major aspect of the culture. Disc golf has not only made huge financial and economical impacts, but it has connected a community, made the citizens more active, and put Emporia on the map.

Now it’s your turn!

Dynamic Discs wants to help make your hometown the next disc golf city, in order to do this, we need to know WHERE your town is, WHY your town is the next disc golf city, and WHO to talk to in order to make this happen.

Hard work doesn’t deserve to go unnoticed, right? Here’s what you have to do:

Click the button to the right and fill out the Google Form so we can gather all of the details OR complete the process through our Facebook page.

So, what do you get?

We will be selecting 1 Major Prize winner from the list of those who complete all three steps. The Major Prize is

**Oprah Voice**


No, seriously, a brand new course. We will pay for and deliver 9 Dynamic Discs Patriot baskets to your hometown!

So what are you waiting for?! Fill out the form. Win the course. Make your hometown the next Disc Golf City.

How will this contest work?

  • Contestants that successfully comply with all rules will be entered into a database for selection; the database will randomly select one winner!
  • The contest ends on November 30th at 11:59 PM CST
  • Submission after November 30th at 11:59 CST will not be counted
  • The baskets will ship 2-3 weeks after Dynamic Discs receives all necessary information and documentation.

Winning the “Make Your Hometown a Dynamic Discs Disc Golf City” contest is contingent upon the contestant completing and/or complying with the following rules and conditions.

  • Contestant must complete Facebook Form OR Google Form, not both
  • Contestants MAY NOT enter the contest more than once
  • Winning city must have a commercial location with a forklift or loading dock
  • If this is not possible, an agreement between winner and Dynamic Discs must be made.
  • Winning city must be located in the continental United States
  • Winning contestant must provide Dynamic Discs with written approval from local official that a disc golf course may be installed in proposed location
  • Written approval shall be emailed to coursesales@dynamicdiscs.com
  • It is encouraged that the winning contestant will install a NEW course
  • Contestants, when submitting info, are consenting to Dynamic Discs using contestants name when contacting city.

It is also important to note responsibilities and expectations for this contest.

Dynamic Discs will provide the winning party with:
  • 9 Permanent Patriot Baskets
  • 9 Ground Sleeves, Locking Collars, and Locks and Keys
  • Installation and Assembly Instructions
The winning party is responsible for:
  • Designing the course
  • Installing ground sleeves
  • Assembling Baskets
  • Purchasing additional materials such as concrete, auger/post hole digger, etc

Final Thoughts

If you enter this contest, we encourage that you speak to your city official beforehand to a) receive their permission to use their information when submitting and b) create a plan if you are selected as a winner.

Questions? Give Sherri Mitchell a call at 620-208-9241 or email her at coursesales@dynamicdiscs.com.