Dynamic Discs Videos

Disc Golf Is Life

Is disc golf a major part of your life? It's definitely a major part of our lives here at Dynamic Discs. See what we mean in a series we call "Disc Golf Is Life".

Physics of Flight

Learn more about the Physics of Flight through this series of disc golf instructional videos.

Disc Golf Answer Man

Disc Golf Answer Man is a podcast we created to allow disc golfers to submit disc golf questions. Bobby Brown AKA CoolDaddySlickBreeze, Eric McCabe AKA EMAC, and Robert McCall will then answer these questions on the show. They will also talk about what's going on at Dynamic Discs, events coming up, and other interesting topics in the disc golf world. Be sure to check out DiscGolfAnswerMan.com for more information and to submit your question today!

2018 In The Bags

See what the top players on Team Dynamic Discs are throwing this season.

2017 In The Bags

See what the top players on Team Dynamic Discs are throwing this season, including 4x World Champion Paige Pierce.

Is This Disc Right For You?

One of the hardest decisions in disc golf is what new disc may or may not work for your game. Learn more about how discs in the Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs lineup fly for the amateur, Bobby Brown AKA CoolDaddySlickBreeze and for the professional, Eric McCabe AKA EMAC.

Disc Golf Disc Spotlight

A compilation of footage from the Team Dynamic Discs 2017 In The Bag Series. Learn about the discs that the top pros throw and why they throw them.

2017 Pro Worlds Vlog

Jeremy Rusco, Robert McCall, and Bobby Brown AKA CoolDaddySlickBreeze take a trip to August, Georgia to support Team Dynamic Discs at the 2017 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships. Spoiler alert - Paige Pierce wins!

Disc Golf Adventure Vlogs

Follow along on our disc golf adventures and see some behind the scenes action along the way.

Dynamic Course Design

Growing the sport of disc golf is one of our main goals here at Dynamic Discs. Designing new courses is a large part of that goal. See what goes into the course design process and learn some tips from World Class Course Designer Eric McCabe. Be sure to check out DynamicCourseDesign.com for more information or to get a quote for a new disc golf course in your hometown.

Will It Hyzer?

Have you ever wondered if an object outside of disc golf will hyzer? Wonder no more! Follow along with the 'Will It Hyzer?' series and see if things from office supplies to breakfast food items will hyzer.

After Hours At The Warehouse

Are you interested in learning about new products coming out and a behind the scenes look at the Dynamic Distribution warehouse? In this series, Bobby Brown AKA CoolDaddySlickBreeze is your source to inside information here at Dynamic Discs.

Anthony Gets Dynamic

Since starting at Dynamic Discs Anthony wanted to explore all the different molds that Dynamic Discs had to offer. Follow along as Anthony Gets Dynamic.

Disc Golf Tips And Instructions

Everyone wants to learn more about disc golf. Take some time and learn from various Dynamic Discs team members including Miles Seaborn, Eric Oakley, Robert McCall, and A Ray. Topics include grip, putting, approach shots, field work, and much, much more.

Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce Putting Clinic

Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce were in Emporia, Kansas to hold a Luck of the Draw Skins Match. Before the event, they spent 30 minutes talking about putting. Watch this video series and learn from two of the best in the game.