Jonathan Porter

Hot Stamp Technician

Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Justice
Favorite Course: Flip City, Shelby, Michigan and Deerfield Park, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Bobby D's
Favorite Musical Artist: NF
Favorite Movie: Snatch
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Pete Sampras
GBO Tee Off Song: Come With Me Now - Kongos

My Dynamic Discs Story: I first found disc golf in 2008 while I was lifeguarding at a summer camp. They had a small object course and ultimate frisbees to use. I played multiple times each day and was immediately hooked. When I got home, I found the nearest courses and started playing and learning as much as I could.

My first experience with Dynamic Discs was in 2014 when I was looking for a new putter that I liked and trusted for throwing and putting. A friend suggested the Judge and after buying one to try out, it soon became my favorite putter.

In 2015 I found myself looking for new opportunities and decided to move out of state and go back to school. While looking at places that interested me, Emporia soon came to the top of my list. I started attending ESU that year and played in my first GBO in 2016.

The start of 2019 turned out pretty well as I was hired as a hot stamper. It’s been awesome learning so much about the other aspects of disc golf and being a part of this company.