Nicholas Casalina

PDGA #: 69223
Home Course: Blue Angel Recreational Park
Home Town: Pensacola, Florida
Bag: Grip EQ
Favorite Course: Token Creek, Madison, Wisconsin
Favorite Disc: Latitude 64 Gold Saint

Beginner Tip

Don't get mad and take the fun out of the sport, we all started off throwing the same! Keep practicing and HAVE FUN!!

Most Memorable Moment

Hitting an ACE at the 2015 Am Worlds in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

They're all about growing the sport in every way they can!

In The Bag


Latitude 64 Opto Air Havoc

This is my main distance driver.

Westside Discs VIP Air King

I use this for those long turnover shots.

Westside Discs VIP Air World

I use this disc for longer forehand shots.

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Enforcer

This is my headwind disc and for those shots that need to turn quickly!

Latitude 64 Gold Saint

It's a very controllable fairway driver for those tight lines.

Latitude 64 Gold Jade

A great disc for the controlled turnover shot!


Latitude 64 Zero Hard Mace

Headwind shots. I carry two of these, one "beat in" more than the other for those straight shots that still finish left.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Warrant

Straight to slight turnover shots.


Latitude 64 Zero Medium Pure

My main putters for putting. I like the smaller profile that fits in my hand better.

Latitude 64 Zero Soft Pure

A good driving putter that's going to stick when it hits the ground.

Westside Discs BT Hard Harp

Upshots and headwinds.