Alex Bush



Home Course:

Edmunds Park

Home Town:

South Boston, Virginia

Favorite Course:

Trophy Lakes in Johns Island, South Carolina

Favorite Disc:

Latitude 64 Ballista Pro

Beginner Tip

1. Take one shot at a time.

2. Stay positive, but stay even keel with your emotions.

3. Have a short memory when a bad shot occurs, but remember the feeling of the good ones.

4. There's no substitute for field work and what you put into practice is what you get out.

5. Have fun and don't be afraid to try new shots during practice.

Most Memorable Moment

Probably giving the inaugural speech and the ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of Virginia State Parks' first disc golf course.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

Without a doubt their passion, love, and commitment to the game. There are so many hard working and good hearted folks that represent Team DD. There is a true effort to try and make a difference, not solely for themselves, but for the betterment of the sport and their surrounding community. The entire team is a true inspiration to be a better person and a better ambassador to the game every day.

In The Bag


Westside Discs VIP War Horse

Overstable wind shots and big skip shots.

Dynamic Discs Moonshine Defender

Stable to overstable hyzer shots.

Latitude 64 Gold Burst Ballista Pro

Latitude 64 Opto Ballista Pro

Extremely dependable big distance driver.

Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Trespass

Dead straight shots with straight to stable finishes.

Latitude 64 Opto Havoc

Backhand rollers.

Westside Discs VIP Ahti

Fairway overstable driver used for forehands and spike hazers.

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Criminal

Dependable stable to overstable fairway shots and straight to stable finish forehands.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Getaway

Very much like my Lucid-X Trespass. Just a touch shorter.

Latitude 64 Opto Explorer

Dead straight, tunnel shots, and hyzer flips.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Maverick

Turnovers, touch forehands, and sky anhyzers.

Latitude 64 Retro Saint

Rollers and utility overhand shots.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice

Skips, forehands, spikes, and wind.

Westside Discs VIP Bard

Overstable backhand shots.

Dynamic Discs Moonshine EMAC Truth

Straight to stable finishes and slight flex lines.

Latitude 64 2K Opto-G Gobi

Hyzer flip turnovers and slightly understable wooded shots.

Latitude 64 Opto Fuse

Late turning shots from left to right.


Latitude 64 Gold Mercy

Dead straight to stable finishes..

Dynamic Discs Classic Judge

Workable approaches from hyzer to late turn.

Dynamic Discs Classic Slammer

Overstable approaches and forehand approaches.

Dynamic Discs Prime Judge

Go-to putter in every condition.