Anthony van den Heuvel

Media Producer
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Special Edition Maverick
Favorite Course: Milo McIver - Estacada, Oregon
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Radius
Favorite Musical Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Favorite Movie: The Departed
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Portland Timbers and Chicago Bears
DDO Tee Off Song: Hey Ya - OutKast
My Dynamic Discs Story: I started playing disc golf back in 2007 and was hooked immediately. I heard of Dynamic Discs for the first time pretty soon after that because of all the top players that were wearing the DD logo. I placed my first order through the website back in 2009 or 2010. I still remember the discs getting to my house less than 48 hours from when I ordered them. From then until 2014 I was simply a loyal customer buying more discs than I probably needed.

Jumping back a bit, in 2013 I started my own disc golf YouTube channel called ""DGweekly"" where I mainly focused on reviewing discs. After doing that for a year or so, Dynamic Discs reached out and offered to send me products to review in my videos. Of course I said yes, kept pumping out videos for the next few years, and built a solid report with DD. In December 2016 I received an email from Bobby Brown informing me that there was an opening in the Dynamic Discs Media department, and asking if I would be interested in doing disc golf media full time. In my wildest dreams I never thought this would be a remote possibility, I couldn't say no.

Currently I get to live my dream and help create media content for, and promote what I believe is, the best company in disc golf, Dynamic Discs.