Ben Wiggins



Home Course:

Oak Park

Home Town:

Wichita, Kansas

Favorite Course:

The Rock

Beginner Tip

Practice throwing your putters 200+ ft on a straight line. Start with slower, more neutral drivers. The more you stay in the fairway, the better you are going to score.

Most Memorable Moment

My first B-tier win at the 2010 Doo Dah Open in a playoff against out of towner Coda Hatfield. It was maybe my third tournament as an Open player. The whole gallery celebrated after I made the winning putt.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

It's more than just how well you can shoot on the course. Team Dynamic Discs is focused on growing the sport as a whole.

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Defender

I carry at least 3 at all times. My go-to driver for big hyzers, long distance flex shots, and distance rollers.

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Enforcer

For more controlled hyzer and flex shots.

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Trespass

For long drives when I need a little more turn on the shot. Also used for shots that require a hyzer flip.

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Escape

This is such a fun disc to throw. I use this for long shots where I need the disc to turn late in its flight. It is also great for straight shots when you have a strong tail wind.

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Felon

Used for controlled flex shots and hyzers. Not as overstable as the Criminal. I also find it useful for straighter control shots in a head wind.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Convict

Very easy to throw and has a great controllable neutral flight.

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Renegade

One of the best roller discs on the market. Slow enough to control and stable enough to get some good distance.

Dynamic Discs Prime Witness

If I can't figure out how to tackle a shot that needs to finish right, I pull out my Witness and watch it roll. A fun, and useful, toy to have in the bag.

Latitude 64 Gold XXX

I consider this my pitching wedge. Very reliable and accurate when you’re within 300' of the basket.

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Criminal

When I need to be sure the disc will fade at the end of its flight.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Criminal

For those windy days, I know this discs will always fade at the end.


Dynamic Discs Classic Soft Suspect

Great for upshots in any weather conditions. Slow, reliable, consistent, stops on a dime when it hits the ground next to the basket. GET A SUSPECT!

Dynamic Discs Classic Suspect

One of my most thrown discs. Similar to the soft version, but I find the hard to be slightly faster and straighter. GET A SUSPECT!

Latitude 64 Opto Compass

When my Suspect just can’t quite make it there.


Dynamic Discs Classic Warden

I throw these all over the course. Has a straight predictable flight and enough stability to hold up to high speeds. I can’t say enough about this disc. Did I mention it is also fantastic for putting?

Dynamic Discs Prime Deputy

New to the bag. Similar use to my Escapes, just in putter form. A ton of fun to throw. Almost looks like magic when it turns so late in its flight.