Everett Brophy



Home Course:

Moon mountain

Home Town:


Favorite Course:


Beginner Tip

Don't compare yourself to anyone, play your game and focus on being better than you were yesterday.

Most Memorable Moment

My first time playing the Dynamic Discs Open. This is a must attend event. You have never seen anything like it.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

We are a family, a support system, and then a disc golf team supported by the best staff in the game.

In the Bag


Latitude 64 Opto Ballista Pro

This is my crusher.

Latitude 64 Royal Grand Rive

Reliable and dependable.

Latitude 64 Gold Havoc

For rollers, turnovers, and hyzer flips.

Latitude 64 Opto Stiletto

This is the wind fighter and dependable hyzer.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon

The Felon is a go-to staple in the bag, it fights wind and has the best fade in the game.

Westside Discs VIP Bear

Must have in the bag for reliable fairway shots.

Westside Discs Tournament Seer

The Seer is my flippy fairway and it a work horse.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Emac Truth

Best mid in the game and I use this for everything.

Westside Discs VIP Anvil

Dependable, over stable with glide.

Westside Discs VIP Tursas

This flippy mid gets me out of trouble all the time.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Ice Emac Judge

This putter bombs!!!

Dynamic Discs Classic Supreme Orbit Sockibomb Slammer

This is the most used disc in my bag and the most reliable disc in the bag.

Westside Discs BT Medium Shield

Shields are $$$ on the green and like some forehand approach