Fabián Oloarte

Mexico/Latin America/South America
Favorite Disc: Westside Discs Maiden
Favorite Course: West Park in Joliet, IL
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Union Street Social
Favorite Musical Artist: Joaquin Sabina
Favorite Movie: Relatos salvajes
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Paige Pierce
DDO Tee Off Song: Con calma - Daddy Yankee
My Dynamic Discs Story: At the beginning of 2021 I discovered that there are people who know what disc golf is in Mexico City, and not only that, there are PDGA tournaments. So fast forward and I become a really active member of the young disc golf scene in Mexico and at the same time I decide to quit my 6-year job as Marketing Manager for an Ed-Tech Startup. After 2 months of only disc golf in my life, I was ready to go back and look for a new job and there is where it clicked. What if I do marketing but for a disc golf company that shares the drive and passion for expanding the sport as much as I do? So, I did a video job application. With it, I got into negotiations and talks with UDisc, Jomez, Discmania, and finally Dynamic Discs. Click here to view my job application video on YouTube. Dynamic Discs has been a perfect fit so far. No other company shares the focus and passion to grow the sport as Dynamic Discs.