Guthrie Briggeman

Lead Fulfillment Team
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Enforcer
Favorite Course: Peter Pan - Emporia, Kansas
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Radius and J's
Favorite Musical Artist: Plini
Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Tom Brady
DDO Tee Off Song: Cascade - Plini
My Dynamic Discs Story: I have to say it all started when I was very young playing disc golf with my brother. I was lucky enough to be around the scene in the mid 90s. From the moment I first played I was hooked and still play to this day. I feel lucky to have been around great people at an early age. Playing with McCabe back then and now seeing what he's done for the sport and the town of Emporia/DD is nothing short of amazing! Having a kid so young, my priorities changed and I didn't have time to play at a high level. Now with my boys being older, I can finally take the next step in elevating my game. Being from Emporia, I've always supported local businesses and Dynamic Discs has always been the brand I reached for. When they started making their own disc line, it was exciting for the disc golf scene here. I love what GBO has become. It's more than just a disc golf tournament now. It brings life to this small town. I was lucky enough to know Kris Edson and his wife, Alison. I was living in Wichita working as a butcher. It was hard being away from my boys and parents even with making many trips back home. One day I decided to just ask if he had any openings to let me know. A month or so later he contacted me about an opening in the warehouse and within a few days I was being interviewed by him and my now boss Taylor. I ended up getting the job and moved back to Emporia. I couldn't be more happy with the job and all the awesome people I've met and gotten to work with. I can't wait to grow with this company and help in any way I can.