Justin Harper

Retail Store Associate
Favorite Disc: Lucid Felon
Favorite Course: Jones Supreme
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Radius
Favorite Musical Artist: Eminem
Favorite Movie: Star Wars Episode V The Empire strikes back
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: I only pay attention to disc golf so favorite athlete Ricky Wysocki
DDO Tee Off Song: John Williams-The Imperial March
My Dynamic Discs Story: While playing in oklahoma I needed a disc that would do good in the wind so I did some research and found the felon as soon as I started throwing that I fell in love with dynamic discs. So I was headed to Nebraska for my brother's wedding and stopped in Emporia to do a wearhouse tour. Everyone seemed awsome, so I went to the retail store and there I met Melany and Kati they were as outgoing and fun as ever. So after that I went on with my venture after returning to oklahoma from my trip the job I was working at had taken a downfall so I decided I needed to find somthing else and with disc golf being my biggest passion I called Melany and spoke with her to see if there were any open positions and from that first phone call for the next month or so anytime I spoke with melany or Kati they would constantly be begging me to hurry up and get up here and start working. I'm so glad I decided to buy that felon and extremely happy to be a part of this amazing family.