Melody Castruita



Home Course:

Bird City DG Course designed by my Dad

Home Town:

Bastrop, Texas

Favorite Course:

Circle C DGC, Austin, Texas

Beginner Tip

The main thing is to have fun and practice as much as you can. Learn from the best disc golf players. Watch as much disc golf tournaments as you can, you'll be surprised how much you can learn just by watching. YouTube has a lot of video disc golf tips from the best players in the world. To be the best, learn from the best.

Most Memorable Moment

Winning 2021 US Women's Championships in Women's Advanced Division in CA and 2021 Junior World Championship in FJ18 Division in Emporia, KS.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

Throwing Dynamic Disc changed my whole game. I started throwing further, my upshots are more consistent and my putting has improved tremendously. These discs have given me more confidence in my game which in return gives me victories.

In The Bag


Latitude 64 Royal Grace

When I first started throwing the Royal Grace I notice I was throwing further with consistency. It flies straight with a little turn and it feels good in my hand. It's now my #1 distance driver disc.

Latitude 64 Opto Ballista Pro

I use the Ballista Pro for head winds and long hyzer shots. I throw it on a straight line knowing at the end of throw it will always fade back.


Dynamic Discs Lucid Truth

I throw the Lucid Truth for my mid-range shots. I can depend on it to fly straight when I need it for tunnel shots, narrow fairways, or low ceiling shots.

Latitude 64 Opto Fuse

I throw the Fuse with a little hyzer knowing it will fly straight with no fade and if I throw it flat with no hyzer it turns over and keeps the anhyzer line.


Dynamic Discs Fuzion Deputy

I love putting with my Fuzion Deputy. I putt with a lot of spin and I can depend on the Deputy to stay on the straight line.