Ralf Rogov



Home Course:

Tallinna Lauluväljak

Home Town:

Tallinn, Estonia

Favorite Course:

Every course in the USA

Beginner Tip

Do not be afraid to ask advice from advanced players. And make sure you are having fun and you are enjoying the game!

Most Memorable Moment

I think the best moments are yet to come, but for now I would say Emporia and 2017 GBO. It is hard to describe the feeling. I will definitely be there in 2018.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

I am a fresh member of this team, but what I can say so far is that welcome has been very warm. Feels like a family. And this family will rock in 2018.

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs Fuzion Defender

Dynamic Discs Lucid Defender

Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon

Dynamic Discs Lucid Criminal

Dynamic Discs Lucid Thief


Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Verdict

Dynamic Discs Moonshine Truth

Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice


Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Slammer

Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge

Dynamic Discs Classic Judge