Shane Cline

Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon
Favorite Course: Cedar Hill - Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Do-B's
Favorite Musical Artist: Justin Timberlake
Favorite Movie: Captain America
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Sporting Kansas City and The Rock
DDO Tee Off Song: Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
My Dynamic Discs Story: In 2009, I discovered the object golf game my best friend and I thought we invented, with a frisbee, is an actual sport. A friend of ours in college showed us what a golf disc was and informed us there was a park just three miles from our school in Nashville, TN where I was studying to be an accountant. In just a few months I became addicted and we started spreading the word around school. Every Wednesday, we carpooled to the course and played a mob doubles round with up to 20 people at times. In October, the school asked me to run an intramural disc golf tournament. I was given a budget to buy prizes for the event. At the time, the only place I had ever bought discs was the gas station across from the course. I googled "Disc Golf" and the first subject came up was news of Nikko winning the USDGC. As I was looking more information up about the event, I noticed almost all of the top players were wearing DD logo apparel. I immediately looked up what this DD company was. As I was searching the website, I realized this was a cool company. I sent an email in asking for help on what would be best for prizes with the budget I had. Within minutes, I received a response and was overwhelmed by the amount of swag and items they were going to give me. A few months later I was playing my first big tournament called "Bowling Green Amateur Championships". The night of check-in I saw a big RV out front with DD stickers all over it. I immediately went to the tables and introduced myself to an employee. I said, "You may not have had anything to do with my event, but I want to say thank you to the company." I was blown away when the employee recognized my name and remembered that I was from Nashville and it was a college intramural tournament I ran. For fun, I told the employee that I would mention to his boss that he needed a raise and was shocked from the response I received, "Ha, I am the boss." Here I was a newbie in the game and I was talking to Jeremy Rusco and he knew who I was and made the little transaction personal.

Fast forward a few years later I was traveling and playing quite a bit, I had helped run multiple events, and helped start the foundation for what is now Music City Disc Golf Club. I had stayed in touch with Jeremy and other members from the staff and became friends with a lot of them. Anytime the RV was in my area, I would help work the RV booth. In fact, I was helping work the booth at the 2012 Worlds while Jeremy was having the discussion with the owners of Latitude 64. At the time, I had no idea that moment would change my life forever. As DD and Latitude 64 partnered and started producing discs, the plans for a distribution center in Emporia, KS were developing for late 2013. Rusco then called me and asked if I was ready to move to Emporia and I have been here ever since.