Yoni Pachacano

Fulfillment Team
Favorite Disc: Westside Discs Destiny
Favorite Course: Jones East - Emporia, Kansas
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: J's Carryout
Favorite Musical Artist: Lil' Wayne
Favorite Movie: Goal!
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Cincinnati Bengals
DDO Tee Off Song: Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough
My Dynamic Discs Story: I was first introduced to Dynamic Discs (and the sport of disc golf) by a few pals that worked here already. It didn't take me long to begin playing disc golf and starting to feel the itch to play another round all because of DD. I continue to work for Dynamic Discs because I feel a special connection to the company and the growth that has occurred while working here. It is safe to say that when it comes to discs, all I know is the Trilogy line up and can always give a good amateur's point of view on the discs that we have to offer.