Paige Pierce

PDGA #: 29190
Home Course: Alex Clark/Towne Lake
Home Town: Plano, Texas
Bag: Dynamic Discs Ranger
Favorite Course: Maple Hill/Nantucket
Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid Convict
Team Series Disc: Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Convict

Beginner Tip

I would say to go out and find a park and seclude yourself for an hour or so and just learn your discs. We get caught up in what's new and hot and start to trail off into discs we are unsure of. Stick with what you know and work on repetition so you learn said disc with 100% confidence. When you get to this point, you will still mess up, but at least you will know why and how to fix it!

Most Memorable Moment

I would have to say, without a doubt, it was winning my first World Championship. I can remember the events like it was yesterday. I was 19 at the time had not proven myself quite yet. It was in Santa Cruz, California, which was the home of the 4x World Champ Val Jenkins and she was obviously the one to beat. I felt confident in my skills, but I had yet to have to execute them in such a high-pressure setting before. It was a true test. When the week was over, I came out victorious and could not have felt more ecstatic with the outcome. It gave me the confidence to believe I can compete against the best, even in a setting where all odds are against me. Anytime I am feeling a bit down and out, I try to replay the events of that week for a little reassurance.

What Separates Team Dynamic Discs?

It is hard to put into words really. It is just that feeling you get when you encounter ANYONE on the team and/or staff. Everyone is so passionate, talented, determined, driven, dedicated, generous, and above all else kind. The type of people anyone would want to be associated with, and I am beyond thankful to be a part of this FAMILY.

Team Series Discs

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Deputy

Dynamic Discs Lucid-X Convict

Paige Pierce 2019 World Champion 5x DyeMax

Paige Pierce Handeye 5x PDGA 2019 World Champion DyeMax

In The Bag


Dynamic Discs Paige Pierce Lucid Convict

The Lucid Convict is honestly such an underrated disc that deserves some recognition; this is why I asked for it to be my signature disc! It is a very reliable and versatile fairway that goes almost as far as I want my drivers to go. It stands up and holds the direct flight for the bulk of the flight and then has a soft overstable finish. When you are really putting 100% torque, it still doesn't flip too hard and cut roll. Can't say enough about it, you have got to try one!

Dynamic Discs Lucid Felon

Such a great overstable fairway driver! I throw it when I have a shorter spike hyzer or if I have a low ceiling that I need to end left. When it runs out of air and hits the ground, it is sure to give you a nice skip!

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Trespass

It has the ability to hyzer or anhyzer, depending on your release, but I prefer it for the anhyzer shot. When you put some turn on it and give it some air, it glides forever and has a nice steady turn.

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Enforcer

Long range driver that I can really rip on and it will stand up and push forward and then dump hard left at the end of the flight. Similar to my Felon but goes farther!

Dynamic Discs Lucid Sheriff

My absolute favorite long range driver! It is a great complement to the Ballista, with a little more of an overstable finish! It will start the flip about mid way through the flight and then hyzer out towards the end of the flight! It goes farther than any disc I have EVER thrown!

Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Defender

Probably the most used disc in my bag if it is a longer course. It flies so far and has a great stability that allows me to rip into it and it will pop up to flat and get the full flight. LOVE IT!

Dynamic Discs Lucid Defender

More overstable than the BioFuzion plastic, I use this for long range hyzers or anytime wind is present.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Criminal

A great in-between for the Enforcer and Felon. You can really power it on a long, wide angle and it will hyzer hard into the target AND get a great skip!


Dynamic Discs Fuzion Suspect

Very underrated disc! Such a great reliable shorter mid that is sure to finish overstable. And I love the way it feels in my hand!

Dynamic Discs Fuzion EMAC Truth

My straight mid that will hold a nice understable angle but does not flip. It sees the anhyzer angle and rides it steadily.

Dynamic Discs Moonshine EMAC Truth

A more overstable version of the Truth that is very predictable in flight. It starts straight for the first 80% and then has a nice hyzer finish.

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Verdict

Similiar to the Moonshine Truth except it holds up better with a little bit more power and/or wind.


Dynamic Discs Prime Deputy

My go-to putting putter and understable throwing putter. I am incredibly impressed by this putter. It has taken away so many variables on the green and added confidence. I love that it is so dead straight and very glidey! Goes directly to the chains!

Dynamic Discs Classic Marshal

I can not speak highly enough about this putter. Any time you will see me throwing an approach disc, it is very likely to be this. Such a direct flight to it. Does not deviate horizontally from where you release it, making it THE most accurate approach disc I have EVER put in my hands.

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