Paige Shue

World Champion | Media | Touring Professional

Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Judge
Favorite Course: DeLaveaga - Santa Cruz, California
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Radius Brewing Company
Favorite Musical Artist: Beastie Boys
Favorite Movie: You Can Count On Me
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Minnesota Vikings
GBO Tee Off Song: No Sleep Til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys

My Dynamic Discs Story: My dad had met Jeremy in 2007 at a tournament in Kansas. That is when I first heard about Dynamic Discs. As I started to play more tournaments and travel, I got to know Jeremy a little more and learned what Dynamic Discs was all about. I can remember the moment I was told that Dynamic Discs wanted to sponsor me. I was in my 7th grade science class when my dad sent me a text telling me how Dynamic Discs really believed in me and offered me a sponsorship. I was incredibly flattered. At the time, all the top pros were sponsored by Dynamic Discs. Later that summer, I competed in the Junior World Championships and won in the Junior Girls 16 and Under division. During my final 9 holes, Dynamic Discs members Eric McCabe, Liz Lopez, and Paige Pierce walked with me, caddied for me, and cheered me on. I knew Dynamic Discs was truly special when their professional players were willing to walk with a 13 year old 850 rated player. A couple years later, I had won an A-Tier in my home state, beating Des Reading. She was impressed and recommended me to Innova. Well, at the time, all my idols were on Team Discraft. So I ended up getting in contact with them and became Discraft's newest member. A year later, Dynamic Discs decided to start producing their own discs, so I had to choose between Dynamic Discs and Discraft. It was a no brainer! The way the team felt like a family and how everyone was treated made the decision easy. I have been sponsored for several years now. I am attending college in Emporia, which is where Dynamic Discs is located. Freshman year of college, they gave me a job right away. Today, I am a junior and still working for Dynamic Discs. They were willing to support me, even though I wasn't and I'm currently not a touring professional. I believe being a part of Dynamic Discs is the best decision I have ever made.