Dynamic Discs Cadet Shoulder Bag 3/4/5-Disc Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

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Dynamic Discs Cadet Shoulder Bag 3/4/5-Disc Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set

The Disc Golf Starter Set from Dynamic Discs comes with everything a new disc golfer needs to play disc golf. In this set, we've included the most popular beginner's disc golf discs from Dynamic Discs and a starter bag to start you on your disc golf journey.

The best disc golf starter set for beginners should include relatively lightweight, neutral discs that enable straight, controllable flight. Most disc golf starter sets will come with discs that are around 170g, and this set includes discs at a max weight of between 175-180g. Discs within this weight range tend to be a good option for juniors and beginners because they're easier to get up to speed. However, these aren't the lightest discs in our lineup either, which means they won't be prone to turn over.

These sets also include a mini marker molded like the popular Dynamic Discs Judge to give your set some extra style as you mark your lie on the fairway or green.

The discs within these Dynamic Discs disc golf sets are designed to become your go-to favorites as you start the sport and advance your game. As always, our discs offer an incredible feel and excellent grip thanks to high-end plastics that make every throw an enjoyable one. Plus, with some of the coolest designs around, you'll be excited to debut your starter set the next time you hit the course.

Disc weights and colors will vary. Marker design may vary.

Cadet Shoulder Bag Features:
  • Holds 8-10 discs in the main compartment and 2 putters in the putter pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap
  • Mesh pocket for scorecard, pencils, and minis
  • Drink holder will hold your average 20-ounce water bottle

Bag + 3-Disc Set Includes:
Bag + 4
-Disc Set Includes:Bag + 5-Disc Set Includes:

About the Prime Burst Trespass:
The Trespass is the high-speed driver for the masses. It is very neutral in its flight, not being too stable or flipping over. The wide rim is able to take all the power that you can throw at it and just keep gliding . The Trespass will allow you to break through all obstacles and explore new territory in your distance drives.
Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 3

About the Prime Burst Maverick:
The Maverick can fit in nearly every player's bag. Its smaller rim offers controllable fairway speed and straighter flights for slower arms with trustworthy anhyzers and slow turns for experienced players. The Maverick will steal throws from even the most established bags.
Speed: 7 Glide: 4 Turn: -1.5 Fade: 2

About the Prime Burst Escape:
The Escape is a fantastic disc for all levels of skill, power and distance. It has such an easy release and the glide will keep this disc going even when less power is applied. It can fly on all angles and is even extremely useful as a roller.
Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

About the Prime Burst EMAC Truth:
The EMAC Truth exemplifies consistency in a midrange. It has the speed to fly past other midranges and the stability to handle some power. The 2010 World Champion, Eric McCabe, carries multiple EMAC Truths to cover a variety of shots. When you're not quite in fairway range and a little too far to throw a putter, reach for an EMAC Truth and watch your disc land close to the basket.
Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2

About the Prime Burst Judge:
The Judge is your go- to putter in all conditions. Very versatile disc that holds a line and finishes straight on approach shots as well.
Speed: 2 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

About Prime:
Prime will have an incredible feel and excellent grip even when the weather compromises your hold on your favorite disc. These are all secondary benefits to this incredible line of discs. Our guiding intention was to bring a product to market that was affordable for beginners looking to test the waters.