Dynamic Discs Custom DyeMax Junior Disc
Dynamic Discs Custom DyeMax Junior Disc

Dynamic Discs Custom DyeMax Junior Disc

1) Choose your mold, add it to your cart, and place your order!
2) Send the image you want on your disc with your order number to dyemax@dynamicdiscs.com.

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Dynamic Discs Custom DyeMax Junior Disc

Disc Color: White

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTO TO DYEMAX@DYNAMICDISCS.COM. We will convert the image on to a disc and have it out the door in less than 48 business hours (from final payment) in most instances.

Art fees may apply if additions are needed to the provided image.

Quantity Discounts - To receive a quantity discount on your order, the discs must all be the same disc mold. If you purchase 3 or more discs, processing time can take longer.

We will NOT DyeMax any copyright images on a disc. This includes sports teams logos, comic book characters, and any other images that have a copyright on them.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you would like a proof of the product, please request it in the order notes section during checkout. There will not be a proof in the cart. Once you receive your proof, please reply letting our DyeMax Department know if the image is approved or if you would like a change made.

The Dynamic Discs Junior line of discs are a scaled down version of their full-size counterparts, and they are designed to fly with similar flight characteristics. With surprising stability and glide, the Junior line of discs are a ton of fun to throw. We've designed the Junior Recruit basket specifically to catch them well. When paired with the Junior Recruit basket, Junior discs are great for setting up a small, fun course around your house, yard, or office, or even to introduce younger children to the sport of disc golf. Go grab a Junior DyeMax disc and impress your friends with how far they can fly!

Dynamic Discs is proud to offer custom DyeMax discs. Just upload your image by clicking the link below and we will put it on the disc you selected above. Please make sure that your image is at least 750x750 pixels in size to ensure that we can produce a sharp finished product. Discs with even the slightest dome may cause the design to fade near the edges of the disc.

If you want to see other awesome designs, be sure to check out the Dynamic Discs DyeMax Page at www.DynamicDiscs.com/DyeMax.