Dynamic Discs Escape Fieldwork Pack
Dynamic Discs Escape Fieldwork Pack

Dynamic Discs Escape Fieldwork Pack

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Dynamic Discs Escape Fieldwork Pack

Disc and stamp colors will vary.

Excluding Lucid Air, weights are 170g+.

It seems that the bags of top pros are filled with multiple discs of the same mold, and many of them have the luxury of trying all of the plastic types in that mold to see which ones they like. The Fieldwork Pack is designed for you to have the same luxury at a discounted price. Various plastics and weights in each pack ensure that you can carry multiples of the same disc and achieve some different flights right out of the box, practice with the same molds in the field, and maybe even find a use for discs and plastics you might not have tried before. If you're looking to try a new disc for your bag, the Fieldwork Pack is the perfect way to test out plenty of options!

One word can summarize the Escape, glide. The description cannot stop there, however. The Escape is a fantastic disc for all levels of skill, power, and distance. It has such an easy release and the glide will keep this disc going even when less power is applied. It can fly on all angles and is even extremely useful as a roller. Break away from your expectations and escape your high scores of the past. Throw with confidence. Throw the Escape.

Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

Max Weight: 175g

About BioFuzion:
BioFuzion plastic is the by-product from a mixture of Lucid and Fuzion plastics that had blemishes or cosmetic flaws. Some of these discs may have specks of plastic, flakes, or other minor cosmetic flaws that will not affect the flight, performance, or durability of the disc.

About Lucid:
The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion version.

About Lucid Air:
Lucid Air uses the same material as our durable Lucid plastic. It has solid plastic at the top and bottom of the rim to protect the microbubbles in the plastic on impact. These microbubbles actually make the disc lighter. They are spread out through the top of the disc and middle of the rim to keep the weight distribution nearly identical to Lucid and Fuzion discs.

About Fuzion:
Fuzion combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to form a non-transparent blend of plastic. This plastic also provides players with additional grip.

Dynamic Discs Team Member Review
"The Escape is just a wonderful disc. It offers consistency and elegance. It's a real turnover bird that is easily manipulated for controlled S-curves, anhyzer lines, and straight hyzerflips. And it has glide for days."
- Tero Tommola