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Dynamic Discs Lucid Breakout

Dynamic Discs Lucid Breakout

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Dynamic Discs Lucid Breakout

Introducing our new easy to throw line that features disc in the 150g weight class in Lucid plastic. This new line-up of discs is ideal for younger players, newer players, or players with lower arm speed.

Do you like the Escape but find that it goes too far? The Breakout is the disc for you. It has the feel in your hand of a fairway driver but the easy release of a midrange. The Breakout is the slightly understable fairway driver from Dynamic Discs that you need when you have to have a bit more distance but you can't sacrifice accuracy. It will hold an anhyzer angle without turning over all the way to the ground and will fly dead straight if you tell it to.

Speed: 8 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 1.5

Max Weight: 174g

About Lucid:
The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf. The Lucid version of a disc will be slightly more overstable than the Fuzion version.

Stamp color will vary. Shade of disc may vary. For example, blue could be a light shade or a dark shade.

Dynamic Discs Team Member Review
"My all-I-can-do disc. It doesn't matter if straight or hyzer or anhyzer. The glide is wonderful. Also in the woods, that disc is magic."
- Natalie Hollokoi

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Customer Reviews

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Matt M
Great Beginner Driver

The breakout is one of the first drivers I was able to successfully throw straight and far when I was starting out. I don't use it as much anymore now that I have a little more power because I started to turn it over a lot and can't rely on the flight like I use too. I recommend to any beginner looking for easier distance.


First throw with this, I got to 275 which is the furthest I've thrown. I've been having a hard time finding a disc that feels good on release that Isn't a starter disc ( burst) but so far this one is working out

Travis Kohlmann

I use this disc for soft flexes. I mainly use it for an accurate right to left forehand.