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Misprint Latitude 64 Opto Air Saint

Misprint Latitude 64 Opto Air Saint

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Misprint Latitude 64 Opto Air Saint

There may be minor cosmetic flaws or flakes in the plastic.

Saint is a highly praised control driver - both among amateurs and pros. When you need a disc with good distance and perfect accuracy the Saint will deliver. Saint will be a straight shooter for drives up to 350 ft and has excellent glide. Saint also has a big brother - the slightly more stable Saint Pro.

Speed: 9 Glide: 7 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

About Opto Air:
Opto Air uses the same material as our durable Opto Line plastic. It is modified and the runs are done in a different way to achieve a stunning result of lighter weight discs that still has a layer of solid plastic at the tip and bottom of the rim to protect the alternated material that is mostly centered in the middle of the rim but also spread out slightly over the top of the discs to keep the weight distribution as close as possible to the Opto and Gold Line discs.

Dynamic Discs Team Member Review
"The Saint is my 'go to' fairway driver. Having the 7 glide, I know that I can make good progress up the fairway in any situation, whether I have to throw from a knee, patent pending, or any type of lie." - Mark Hill

Stamp color will vary. Shade of disc may vary. For example, blue could be a light shade or a dark shade.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Fox
That glide hits different

What a fun disc to throw! While anything nose up immediately goes skyward and fades out early, nice flat shots stay up forever. Downhill shots with the Saint are simply magical.