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Westside Discs Tournament Orbit Tursas

Westside Discs Tournament Orbit Tursas

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Westside Discs Tournament Orbit Tursas

The Tursas is Westside's most controllable midrange disc. Designed with the everyday player in mind, the Tursas will make playing disc golf more fun. It should allow you to make a midrange anhyzer while you are learning to play. Great for ladies and kids as it has a shallower grip than most mid ranges available on the market. For professional players, it makes a great anhyzer midrange. For lower speed arms, it will glide straight for as long as it is in the air.

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1

About Tournament Plastic:
An advanced version of VIP-plastic that contains technical polymers. You cannot see through Tournament plastic. The durability of Tournament plastic is at the same level than VIP Plastic, but the Tournament's grip is slightly better. Our Tournament plastic is closely similar to Latitude Gold plastic.

About Orbit:
Orbit is our spectacular two-color process that opens up a whole new world of color combinations.

Stamp color will vary. Shade of disc may vary. For example, blue could be a light shade or a dark shade.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Straight Shooter

The Westside Tursas is my favorite disc. It is the best point-and-shoot disc I’ve ever used. The feel in the hand is remarkable. Tournament plastic renders a slightly less stable flight than VIP and feels wonderful.

Trevor robinson
good for those scared of forehands.

i cant throw very well forehand so the tursas does the turn for me, it carries to the right and on a hyzer flip glides incredibly far. not to mention the tournament orbit looks amazing and is really tough.

John Laura
Fantastic run!

Slightly more fade than the Tournament Burst Tursas, but still maintains the characteristic understable flight that one should expect from a Tursas. Definitely my favorite run so far!

Joshua Wolter
Absolute favorite run of this mold

This run I'm my opinion is the truest to the run