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Westside Discs VIP Air Hatchet

Westside Discs VIP Air Hatchet

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Westside Discs VIP Air Hatchet

Stamp color will vary.

Shade of disc color may vary. For example, yellow can be a mustard yellow or a bright yellow.

The Hatchet fits any hand and is extremely user friendly. It holds the line you put it on and is very controllable. A must have for all players the Hatchet will allow you to throw frozen rope lines. For professional players it is a controllable fairway driver that glides and can be used for rollers. For lower arm speeds, the Hatchet will glide and give you that anhyzer shot you have been missing.

Speed: 9 Glide: 6 Turn: -2 Fade: 1

About VIP Air:
The Air Technology allows Westside Discs to lower the weight on both the flight plate and the rim. In the rim, effort has been put into guiding the majority of Air towards the center. This is done to give better impact resistance to the edge and bottom of the rim. As always lighter weights means a little bit less stability in the wind so expect the Air models to behave accordingly.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tom Walsh

Excellent fairly straight backhand but weak forehand……was hoping it would be less flippy on the forehand


Good job guys . Thank you

Casey McFarland
goes far!

Great to see the hatchet get some love with the air plastic... already a flippy disc but with the right arm speed (low) it can still go pretty far and straight.. cannot take too much power/ torque


You guys did a good job. Thank you

Steve Brown
Great disc

The order arrived quickly and I was able to get some practice in with thos disc for my first tournament. Thanks!