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Westside Discs VIP-Ice Orbit Bear

Westside Discs VIP-Ice Orbit Bear

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Westside Discs VIP-Ice Orbit Bear

The Bear is here to control the fairways. The Bear has a neutral to slightly understable flight for the advanced player. Think of it as the big brother of the Stag. It is controllable, predictable, and has a touch more fade and torque resistance than its little brother. The Bear is strong enough to handle any arm speed.

Speed: 8 Glide: 6 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 2.5

Max Weight: 176g

About VIP-Ice:
VIP-Ice is a premium blend of plastics that provides a stiffness between VIP and VIP-X. It has great durability, and more overstable flights compared to regular VIP.

About VIP-Ice Orbit:
Our exclusive Orbit Effect takes the visual appeal to new heights. Using a spectacular two-color process, each VIP Ice disc showcases a mesmerizing array of colors, creating a captivating visual that every disc golfer will appreciate. No two orbits are the same, as every disc boasts distinct variations within its design, making each throw truly one-of-a-kind.

Westside Discs Team Member Review
"The Bear is a fast fairway with tons of glide! It goes almost as far as my distance drivers but with a much straighter flight." - Joshua Patin

"This is the best fairway I've ever thrown. The variety of plastics provide a spectrum of stabilities, but each one has immense glide and is true to the angle you put it on." - Elliot Boutell

Stamp color will vary. Shade of disc may vary. For example, blue could be a light shade or a dark shade.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
This is a Bear. The Bear is good.

Seems a little bit fussier than the Tornament Orbit or VIP plastic, but still a really nice flying disc.
No matter what plastic you think you might like best, get a Bear in your bag if you don't have one.


Disc feels great, but not getting the distance I thought it would. Will keep trying to break in disc to my slow arm speed. Lol

Best overstable Fairway in the bag

This disc is my most reliable and predicable overstable disc in my bag, when I’m not sure what to go with I just toss one of these and it works like a dream

James Spilman
Ice bear orbit

Great disc ..beautiful and reliable over stable flight for my ...average ?arm speed....have the orbit ice escape too....glides straight for miles...!

Feels and looks great! Flys amazingly!

Great domey disc with a lot of gummy tacky feel. Has a good glide and fades just slightly if thrown on anhyzer. Love this disc and mold!