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Westside Discs VIP Underworld

Westside Discs VIP Underworld

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Westside Discs VIP Underworld

Shade of disc color may vary.

For example, yellow can be a mustard yellow or a bright yellow.

Designed with the newer player in mind, the Underworld will allow any player to accomplish an anhyzer shot. It is under stable and low profile. Great for players to buy as their first disc, the Underworld will be just what a beginner needs. For professional players it makes a great continuous anhyzer line and is great for rolling right out of the box.

Speed: 7 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 1

About VIP Plastic:
Super-durable hi-tech plastic with excellent performance. VIP plastic is transparent so you can see through it. Discs made in VIP-plastic maintain their flight characteristics and reliability for a long time. This plastic is suitable to both recreational players and pro players. Latitude Opto-plastic is more than 98% similar to Westside VIP-plastic.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Spencer Hill
Great for rollers

This is a fantastic roller disc and makes it easy to learn rollers

Jeremy Cozart
Reliable Under-stability

I love the Underworld for big Anhyzer shots and tight wooded flex shots. How could you not like a disc with a cool bearded skull dude on it?

Martin Coomer
Beautifully Understable

This disc is so reliably understable. Absolutely needs to be in the bag for any backhand player without a forehand.

Kasper Lahtinen
Great disc

Great understable fairway driver! For slower arm speeds give little hyzer and you get nice hyzer flip to get more distance and for advanced throwers it is great roller disc!

Ring it up!!

Hit my first ace in 32 years with the VIP Underworld! (Had a long hiatus, really long!) Then last week, walked off after my putt and forgot to pick it up 😫😭 I loved that disc.