Robert McCall

Marketing Director

Favorite Disc: Dynamic Discs Warden
Favorite Course: Roy G. Guerrero - Austin, Texas and Harry Myers - Rockwall, Texas
Favorite Place To Eat In Emporia: Radius
Favorite Musical Artist: Andrew Belle or Local Natives
Favorite Movie: Heavyweights
Favorite Sports Team/Athlete: Chelsea when Frank Lampard was crushing
GBO Tee Off Song: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

My Dynamic Discs Story: I was introduced to Dynamic Discs in 2010 when I attended my first sanctioned event, the Turner Park Tune-Up. I saw a lot of people walking around in Dynamic Discs hoodies and gear, and a few people were wearing Team Dynamic Discs gear. I didn't know hardly anything about Dynamic Discs at the time, but the people in the Team DD gear were at the top of the leaderboard and seemed like good people to be around. That day, I made it my goal to be on Team Dynamic Discs someday.

Fast forward to 2013: I hadn't really pursued anything with Dynamic Discs because I was still coming into my own as a player, but I had made plenty of friends on the team and had spent a bit of time with Jeremy Rusco. I had a couple of different sponsors when Dynamic Discs decided to begin producing their own line of discs, so I didn't try them out much. A couple of those Team DD players convinced me to try out a couple of their Judges, and I was hooked. I left my current sponsors and filled my bag with discs from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. After some communication with Rusco and other team members at a couple of tournaments, Dynamic Discs was gracious enough to add me to their sponsored team at the end of 2013. I was elated, and I've thrown nothing else since.

From 2012-2017, I worked at a church in Austin, Texas as a Worship Pastor, Campus Pastor, and Youth Pastor at different times. At the beginning of 2017, I decided I wanted to get some work experience outside of the church so that I could have a slightly more diverse resume moving forward. I decided to start exploring options in a different field on a Tuesday. Jeremy called me out of the blue about the Dynamic Discs Team Manager position on Wednesday. After quite a bit of discussion and a trip up to Emporia to check things out, my wife, Shea, our dog, Walter, and I packed up our life in Austin and moved to Emporia, Kansas. While it's quite different than Texas, we have loved our time here, and we look forward to the future with Dynamic Discs!