The Best Disc Golf Discs from Beginner to Pro

Putt and Throw with the Best Discs

Disc golf revolves around the disc; its mastery is critical to every player. That's why you should never use just any plastic plate you've got laying around. Instead, choose high-quality drivers, midranges and putters that will help you improve your driving distance, speed and accuracy with every backhand and forehand. Dynamic Discs is your resource for finding the best and most reliable disc golf discs around. Whether you're a budding pro or still figuring out the sport, our massive assortment includes the right option for your needs and competition level.

Choosing a New Disc

When choosing a new disc golf disc, you need to think about a couple of important factors, including weight, type, stability rating and speed. In general, beginners will want to start out with lightweight disc golf discs because they go farther. On the other hand, more advanced players tend to prefer heavier discs because, while they might not soar as far, they provide more stability and control and won't be as impacted by the wind. You'll also want to consider the disc's flight numbers to get an idea of a disc's speed, glide, turn and fade. Check out our flight chart for more information on speed and stability.

For more information on which weight, speed or type of disc golf disc to buy, read our Beginner's Guide to Disc Golf, which covers the many different types of discs. We have disc golf discs for every application at Dynamic Discs, including distance drivers, fairway drivers, midrange discs and putters. Shop discs by all the best manufacturers here, including our very own Dynamic Discs as well as options by Latitude 64°, Westside Discs and more. You can also shop discs by speed to find an option that suits your style and needs.