Dynamic Discs Custom Hot Stamp Program

Are you running a tournament or do you need some custom discs for your local disc golf club or company? Dynamic Discs can now hot stamp your design on disc golf discs and include additional sponsorship items if your hot stamp design is event based. See below for order details, art specifications, and minimum order requirements.

If your stamp is event-specific, the Dynamic Discs logo is included in the stamp, and Dynamic Discs is listed as a sponsor of the event, you will qualify for our A La Carte program. This program gives you a 15% credit based on the amount you spend on discs to choose items that can be used for CTPs, raffle prizes, tournament supplies, etc. The 15% credit is automatically calculated at the bottom of the order form.

Click here to review Tournament Requirements.

Send your art and completed custom hot stamp order form to custom@dynamicdiscs.com.

3 week lead time for US orders, 5 week lead time for international orders. Add an extra week for bottom stamping.

Shipping is NOT included in the total on the custom hot stamp order form.

If you are using Numbers on a Mac, please export to an Excel file before submitting your order form.


Player Pack Options

On top of our A La Carte option, we are providing tournament directors with a quick and easy player pack option for their event. You can now purchase a player pack to go along with your event specific custom hot stamp discs. A La Carte credit cannot be used to purchase these player packs and these packs do not accrue more A La Carte credit. We ask that "Sponsored by Dynamic Discs" is added to the event title both on your registration page and the PDGA listing to qualify for these packs. If these packs don't fit your events specific needs, please email derek@dynamicdiscs.com to put together a custom player pack.

*Please note: Similar items may be substituted based on current inventory levels.

What's Included?

- 1 Reusable Scorecard
- 1 Pair of Sunglasses
- 1 Dynamic Discs Quick-Dry Towel
- 1 Dynamic Discs Mini Permanent Marker
- 1 Dynamic Discs Tote Bag
- 1 Dynamic Discs Keychain
- 1 Dynamic Discs Flexible Disc Golf Mini Marker

What's Included?

- 1 Reusable Scorecard
- 1 Adjustable Hat
- 1 Dirt Bag
- 1 Dynamic Discs Quick-Dry Towel
- 1 Dynamic Discs Tote Bag
- 1 Dynamic Discs Keychain
- 1 Dynamic Discs Flexible Disc Golf Mini Marker

What's Included?

- 1 Reusable Scorecard
- 1 Adjustable Hat
- 1 Dirt Bag
- 1 Dynamic Discs Quick-Dry Towel
- 1 Dynamic Discs Tote Bag
- 1 Stainless Steel Can Keeper
- 1 Dynamic Discs Keychain
- 1 Dynamic Discs Flexible Disc Golf Mini Marker

Order Requirements


Piece minimum (discs or minis, not a combination of both)


Disc minimum per mold (25 for bottom stamping)


Disc minimum for Opto Bites


Setup fee on all orders under 100 total discs


Setup fee on re-orders under 100 total discs


Setup fee on orders of 100+ discs or 200+ minis

Custom Hot Stamp Templates

Each file includes full disc, junior, and mini templates.

Photoshop Template (.psd)

Hot Stamp Template

Custom Hot Stamp Assets

We have included baskets, discs, chains, grass, trees, and company logos to help you create your custom hot stamp.

Illustrator Template (.eps)

Disc Golf Assets

PDF Template (.pdf)

Disc Golf Assets

Please submit your custom hot stamp design to custom@dynamicdiscs.com.

All submissions and requests are subject to art fees starting at $40/hour.

Artwork Requirements

All submitted images will be accepted at the discretion of Dynamic Discs. Any stamp found to be copyrighted, vulgar, violent, or offensive will not be tolerated.

Hot stamps should be submitted as 100% black and white.

300 ppi @ print size or higher is necessary to achieve a good stamp.

Acceptable file types are .ai | .eps | .jpg | .pdf | .png | .psd | .tif

Thickness and Coverage

Avoid solid coverage areas.

Large solid areas do not stamp well.

Outlining usually solves the problem, as shown above in the first and second image.

Avoid covering the center of the disc when possible.

Covering the center of the disc nearly guarantees a drop-out/misprint.

Do not use text to break up thick spaces.

Instead, invert the area and have the text be the area that gets stamped.

Avoid thick and thin lines that are close to one another.

This will cause the stamp to bleed together.

Keep consistent thickness in concentrated areas.

Customer Testimonials


I just received my order of discs and trophies. They look fantastic, a job well done! Thanks once again for your awesome support of our event.

Brad R.

I am not worried about the fine details so much. We have stamped on several manufacturers and you guys have one of there better stamping processes! You guys are on the upper tier with the clarity and sharpness of the stamps! So we aren't worried.

Blair F.

I received the delivery and I could not be more impressed! First you all were more than on time, you were ahead of the game! Second, my order was above and beyond what I was expecting! And third, the sponsorship from y'all made a lasting impression. I will be back and referring many people to your products!

Monica V.

Thank you all so much! We just received our custom stamped discs for our upcoming tournament and several boxes of prize items that we ordered, checked everything over, and VERY impressed with the speed, customer service, and the quality of the items themselves. We will definitely share this with everyone and truly appreciate it! Great website too. Definitely impressed and wanted to thank everyone. We'll definitely continue our support of Dynamic Discs!

Forrest O.

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know I’m truly blown away by the amazing job you and your crew did on our order for the 2018 Fall Fling. The color combos you guys put together, especially with the Burst plastic, take each piece and turn them into art pieces. Also the ghost stamps you guys pulled off are absolutely stunning in their subtlety. It’s going to be hard to let them all go, but I’d go broke refunding everyone their money.

Eric M.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!! The discs LOOK AMAZING.... throwing in curveballs with the blue/red/yellow faded die.....dude that stamp is NUTS. The silver metal flake stamp is bonkers also!

Just wanted to reach out and make sure i said thank you very very much from the Gaffs Grove Crew and thanks for dealing with my persistent phone calls.

Time to grip it and ship it boys!


Last summer, I ran a small tournament and ordered 50 custom discs. The process couldn’t have been easier and your prices were by far the most fair of all of the companies.

Brian M.