Innovative designs put Dynamic Discs on the map in 2005, and we continue that legacy with our series of DyeMax disc golf discs.

In 2005, owner Jeremy Rusco, then studying at Emporia State University, wanted to pay for his hobby of disc golf. So, he purchased discs, added his own dyes and designs, and sold them on eBay. Business built steadily over the next few years: In turn, Dynamic Discs expanded to other disc golf supplies, created our own storefront, and, by the 2010s, partnered with Latitude 64 to launch our own discs made with high-quality and premier plastics.

In the present and looking toward the future, we launched our DyeMax discs, which utilize sturdy construction and retain their striking, vibrant visuals.

About Our DyeMax Originals Discs

Although the name implies it, we don't actually use dyes with our DyeMax discs. Instead, an innovative, high-level process produces intense, bold colors and a significant level of detail you'll see nowhere else. Standard application techniques don't even hold a candle to the quality.

The process involves some of the sturdiest plastics across the Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs brands, paired with designs that grab attention on the green.

While the visuals make an impact initially, our DyeMax discs offer long-term benefits once they're in your collection. Specifically, the process prevents the colors from bleeding or migrating into the plastic, keeping the visuals crisp with no staining a year later.

Realize, though, that due to the amount of play a disc receives, you may see some wear around the rim at this point in time.

Plastics for DyeMax Originals Discs

Among the array of high-quality and premier plastics used, DyeMax discs are crafted with the following:

  • Fuzion: Dynamic Discs' durable plastic delivers the sturdiness of Lucid but has a solid, non-transparent look. We take these advances up another level by combining Lucid with an advanced polymer to improve grip.
  • Gold Line: Latitude 64's premium plastic blend upgrades the durability of the Opto Line, incorporating a new polymer to improve grip without sacrificing durability.
  • Tournament: Westside Discs' Tournament adds technical polymers to VIP plastic, resulting in a non-translucent appearance and a stronger grip.

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