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How to assemble your Paratrooper

How to use the Golden Retriever

Simply tug on the Golden Retriever’s throw rope to unfold it. Then, toss it beyond the golf disc and pull across to retrieve. As it skims across the bottom of the hazard, it will scoop and retain the disc. Be sure to keep one hand on the end of the rope!

Cleaning Your Bag

Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 do NOT recommend machine washing your bag. Remove mud and dirt under running water. A soft brush or washcloth and neutral soap can be used to scrub the bag. Once the bag is rinsed, dry it with the compartments open. Leave the bag in a cool and ventilated area, we do NOT recommend drying it in direct sunlight or hot places.

Storing Discs

Discs on Shelves: We recommend keeping discs in flat, even stacks to ensure they do not warp. If discs are stored in uneven stacks, it could cause warping.

Discs in Bags: Keep the discs upright in the bag compartments. If you have discs lean over one another in cool or hot temperatures, it could cause discs to warp.

Discs in Sleeves: Discs should face same direction and stand up straight. If the discs lean it could cause them to warp.

A great way to store discs? Our Plastic Storage Bins! Check out the item here.

How to assemble the "U" Divider for the Soldier Bag

  1. Take all items out of the bag and push the hard piece connected inside the bag down to create the bottom support piece.
  2. Take the longer piece with the fuzzy Velcro side and place it in a "U" shape. The sides with the 2 strips will be against the front and back of the bag.
  3. Once the "U" shaped piece is formed, you can insert the two smaller pieces by putting the rough Velcro sides to the soft Velcro sides. This may be tricky as the Velcro is strong and once you get it in place it can be tasking to move it just right. You can use your hand to fold the rough Velcro pieces over so it does not touch the soft Velcro side until you are ready to place it exactly where you want it.
  4. Make any adjustments to the bag that may be suited to your needs.
  5. Fill the bag with discs and go test it out!