Speed: 11 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2
The Westside Boatman is one of our fastest drivers that was designed to fit all sizes of hands. It will give you that fast flight and is very predictable. It has a very long glide with very little fade. For faster arm speeds it will hold the line and has a very overstable finish. For slower arm speeds you will be able to count on an overstable finish but will give you that extra glide you are looking for without having to grip such a big rim.

Side Profile

Shots Used For

Slightly overstable tee shots, shots that need slightly more distance than slower fairway drivers

If You're looking For...
More Speed:

Sword, Trespass, Recoil, Scythe, Enforcer

More Glide:


More Turn:


Same Speed:


Detailed Information

Diameter: 21.4 cm
Maximum weight: 177.6 gram
Height: 1.9 cm
Rim depth: 1.3 cm
Inside rim diameter: 17 cm
Rim thickness: 2.2 cm
Rim depth/ Diameter ratio: 6.1 %
Rim configuration ratio: 29.50
Flexibility rating: 10.32

PDGA Approval Date


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