Helpful Information

What is a Starter Set?

A starter set in disc golf is a collection of discs designed specifically for beginners. These sets include 3-5 discs, each having a different flight purpose:

  1. Distance Driver: Distance Drivers have the greatest potential to travel the greatest distance. This disc has a sharp edge to cut through the air efficiently, making it ideal for long throws down open fairways.
  2. Fairway Driver: Fairway Drivers are easier to control because they have less speed potential. This disc offers more stability and precision, suitable for tighter fairways and navigating obstacles.
  3. Midrange: Midranges often offer straighter flights and won’t vary from their intended flight. This disc is used for shorter throws where control and accuracy are more important than distance.
  4. Putter: Putters are the deepest, slowest, disc golf discs. This disc is used for making short, controlled throws into the basket.

Starter sets are designed to be user-friendly and help new players get a feel for the different types of discs and their respective uses. They are often made from more durable and grippy plastic to aid in learning and improving throwing techniques.

Are there informational videos?

Yes! Check out our beginner's guide here for helpful videos!